Hoping to someday find M's brother adopted in the U.S. -
Myckola Oleksandrovych Markov - 8/26/2003

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


We received our 2nd I-171H form today. This one had all of the correct info on it thankfully :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Its on its way!

The corrected version of our I-171H is on its way to our house and to Kiev. Yay for it being fixed so easily! Sometimes I just sit back in amazement at how easily the paperwork process has gone. God is definitely in this with us :)

Please keep us in your prayers especially the next few weeks. We are considering making some changes, but we need to know for sure that the change is what God wants for us and what is best for family.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

WOW - that was quick!

So Phillip came home from work and he had a big yellow envelope that he had picked up out of the mailbox.

It said it was from the U.S. Citizens And Immigration Services. And I was like OMG IS THAT OUR APPROVAL!? We just went and had our fingerprint appointment on April 8th! It was! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!! So we were all ecstatic over this coming so quickly and then...

we saw they must have made an oopsie on the specifications for the child we hope to adopt. They put FEMALE instead of male or female, and we're not special needs approved :( We put all this stuff in our homestudy though, so hopefully we can just contact them and get it corrected.

I had to laugh at the email address I FINALLY tracked down for "emergency" situations for parents approved for I600A because they promise that someone will contact you within two business days! LOL really? An emergency email addy with a response time of two business days. Okaaaayyyy.

We'll keep ya updated, but I probably won't know anything until Monday (biz day #2).

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Poem for our Little Girl

I found a poem on another blog that I happened upon while I was skimming around looking at friend's blogs, then their friend's blogs... and so on. Anyways, its just beautiful and really touched my heart :)

God's Little Girl

Oh, little girl, your life was planned.
Right from the start from the Father's hand.
He fashioned your frame in ways so grand,
And loves you in ways you don't understand.

And though we've yet to hold your tiny frame,
You've captured our hearts, and we long to call your name.
We thanked God for you, a gift so sweet and pure,
And pray for you, to know His Son for sure.

And as you grow, may you always know
The Lord is there wherever you go.
We promise to love you through all your days and hours,
But never forget, His love is far greater than ours.

Our Father's Son, He freely gave
And all who believe, He surely will save.
Oh, little girl, we're all adopted at so great a price,
But as God's little girl, you're adopted twice.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

6 Months Until Our Submission Date!

Today, April 14th makes the 6 month mark on our countdown to our dossier submission date :) Whooohoooo!! Rough few days I may have had, but I'll keep the faith and keep looking at the bigger picture. Hopefully in about 7 months, we'll be meeting our child. THAT is what this is all about.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Contemplating ...

I've had kind of an off week, and its only Tuesday.

Our insurance and Dr. office can't get things straight over how to code and bill us for our series of shots and "Paperwork appointments", so guess who has no benefits left for the actual physical we need to get for our dossier in July? Yep. I was really angry about it, and I still am... but its out of my hands and I'm looking at it now as a way for God to show us how He will work things out.

Evidentially e-bills are a horrible idea. At least for me, because I need to see the bill, and touch the bill to remember to PAY the bill. Before we turned off paper billing, we might have had one late payment. Now we've had several. I hate that.

We want to send Wes to preschool in the fall and deciding which one and IF this is really something we want to do has given me more worry than it really should! Not to mention, preschool is expensive! I am also worrying that he won't deal well with preschool once we leave for Ukraine... *sigh*

I was SO upset to see that lady in the news that sent her little boy back to Russia. That upset me on many levels... I keep worrying how could that affect adopting in Ukraine even if its just on a personal level with the officials. I KNOW they pay attention to news like that out of Russia.

My extended family is always a source of constant turmoil. I've learned to deal with it much better as an adult, but recently a lot of things are just really eating at me and ticking me off. Which of course makes me cranky around my hubby and boys and that's not fair to them which makes me angry at myself. *sigh*

Well, now that I've got it all written out, it doesn't look as bad as I thought haha.

I keep thinking that money is the key to everything. If we had more of it, we could quit counting down the days till the next paycheck and quit worrying where the $$ will come from. Now I think I see why the Bible says money is the root of all evil. Because if we always had enough money, when would we need God?

Please take a moment...


Please take a moment to read and sign this petition. This is what it says:
Recognizing that the tragic abandonment of Artyem Saviliev is an isolated incident and is not at all indicative of the thousands of successful adoptions between Russia and the Unites States, we, the undersigned:

- Respectfully call on President Medvedev and President Obama to lead an effort to ensure that the rights of children are protected and that every child’s right to a permanent and safe family is not interrupted due to the suspension intercountry adoption services.

- Respectfully call on President Medvedev and President Obama to ensure that their governments aggressively prosecute any individual involved in child abuse to the fullest extent of the law.

When I read the news this week and saw the story of the TN woman who sent her adopted son back to Russia because she no longer wished to parent him, I was outraged. Here we are in the middle of adopting from Ukraine (which is right next to Russia) and this woman decides to return her child. Children are NOT returnable. They are not perfect, and we should not expect them to be. Institutionalized children may have many issues to overcome, but they are still children who need and deserve a family willing to love them and protect them no matter what! Of course this one woman's case has been sensationalized and now has now cast a terrible light on the way the rest of the world views adoption, and particularly adoption of an older child from an institution. Russia wants to completely cut off Americans from adopting because they view this one woman as how the majority of adoptive American families view their children adopted from Russia. Please take a moment to sign the petition.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fingerprint Appointment Tomorrow!

We'll be one step closer to finishing our paperwork :) Please pray our approval comes back quickly! We're down to 6 months and 1 week until our submission date already - Yay!

I kind of like all of these appointments and meetings we have to go to. It means Phillip and I have time together to just ride in the car and talk. It reminds me of all those years when we were dating. Phillip would drive and I would talk... not much has changed except... oh yeah we have two kids. One of which is taking advantage of mama trying to write a post and got into the leftover Easter candy and is stuffing gummy worms in his mouth to beat the band. Right before nap time too... oh boy!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Weekend

All of the pretty little Easter dresses in the stores this time of year always bring back memories for me. Some of my fondest memories are of Easter and peeking into the fridge to see the flower my dad picked out for me to wear to church on Easter Sunday morning. He would always pick out the most beatiful orchids for my mother and I to wear on our Easter dresses. The dress was another thing to look forward to. I always got a lovely new dress to wear for Easter and with that flower, I felt like I was the prettiest girl at church that morning. At least that's what my dad would tell me, and I knew he wouldn't say it if it wasn't true :)

It makes me sad to think how many little girls don't have a daddy to buy them a flower and tell them how pretty they are. EVER. But I know one thing, by next Easter there will be one less lonely child in this world, one less mama who keeps looking at pretty little dresses and putting them back on the rack, and one more daddy who can say that he has the prettiest little girl in the whole world.

Happy Easter

We witness a miracle every time a child enters into life; but those who make their journey home across time and miles, growing within the hearts of those who wait to love them,are carried on the wings of destiny; and placed among us by God's very own hands. --Kristi Larson