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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Only Three More Months!

Our Dossier Submission date is coming closer.... 3 months exactly until the SDA gets it! I got the letter I needed from the county Tax Assessors Office with our home info on it. That was an experience.... it took me talking to three people and explaining that I understand that all of the info is already online and on our deed, but we are adopting from Ukraine and they require it to be reiterated on county letterhead. Yep, I understand that the info online works for everyone else, but everyone else is not adopting from Ukraine. I was beginning to think that I should drag my sick kids and myself up to the assessors office just to explain how important it was, but the third person I spoke to was VERY nice and got it all taken care of and mailed out to me the same day :)

Our Dr. visit to fill out the medical paperwork is next week so that will finally be taken care of. Once the background checks come in and I get our agency paperwork from our social worker, we'll be done! Then off to apostille it all in Richmond.

Our fundraiser yardsale is the 31st of this month so if you have anything you want to get rid of, bring it on by! We're hoping to cover at least some of our airfare with the profits from this yardsale. Cheapest one way ticket to Ukraine that I have found was $890 and that's for one person. We have to fly 3 or 4 back so it adds up to a nice chunk of change and due to a change in plans, we might even come back and wait out the 10 days here in the U.S. and fly back over afterwards to complete the adoption. It all depends on how things go. More on what that change is a little later...

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