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Monday, August 30, 2010

Snowshoe, Cass, & a dossier

We took a nice little weekend getaway to Snowshoe Mountain Resort this past weekend. I found a room for a steal on priceline.com while looking for somewhere to stay near Cass, WV and couldn't pass that up. The resort turned out to be SUPER nice with its own little mall type setting where you could walk around and shop at various stores and eat at different restaurants.

They even had a Starbucks!

Not to mention the indoor/outdoor pool with water slides and hot tubs! The ski lift down the mountain to the lake where you could fish or paddle boat was pretty nice too.

The room was small, but had a bed and a hide a bed that we used for the kids. Wes was up at least 4 times Friday night while Wyatt slept like a little lamb then Wyatt was up about 3 times Saturday night while Wes slept through it all... so mama was a little tired, but not too bad. The bed was very comfy and the room was nice and cold so I went right back to sleep LOL There was also this nice little restaurant called "The Junction" (that was full of train stuff that Wes was in love with) which had great coffee (perfect for groggy mamas) where we ate breakfast both mornings :)

After a fun filled Saturday at the resort we headed down to Cass on Sunday morning to ride the train up to Whittaker Station. The boys LOVED it. Of course we knew they would... that's why we took the trip in the first place. That, and I had decided that my hubby was working too much and if I wanted to see him, I needed to kidnap him off to another state hahahahaaaa

On a bittersweet note, we got back and had this email from our translator:

Hello Phillip and Erin,

I got your dossier. Some documents need to be corrected.

I’ll finish the checking and let you know which one.

Kind wishes,

Ugh! and nothing back from him yet! At least most of it is fine, and there in Ukraine being translated. I was so ready for the paperchase to be over for us though. Now something needs to be re-done, re-notarized, re-apostilled, and re-Fedexed. BLAH!! I am praying that he looked at something wrong and that everything really is fine because we had it checked before we sent it to him and got the A-Ok on it all... but such is the wild ride of international adoption!

Wes starts preschool next week. He's looking so forward to it and I'm glad. I hope he does really well :)

I'm getting my second hep A shot Wednesday and hopefully getting a prescription for some meds to take with us on our trip. I really don't know what to ask for? Any suggestions? Antibiotics? Stuff for our child who might be ill when we get them? Suggestions??????

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