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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hours away...

Since Ukraine is 7 hours ahead of us, we are only hours away from having our dossier submitted! Please pray with us that all of our documents will be accepted and then continue to pray with us that we will receive an appointment date in a timely manner. We are really hoping to get an appointment close to Thanksgiving for several reasons but we know its all in God's time.

I am so excited that we are this close, but I am also getting more than a little anxious about being away from my boys for a month. I feel kind of guilty, honestly because any mom would probably tell you that they KNOW that no one can take care of, love on, and protect their child the way they do. I know my kiddos will be well taken care of and probably spoiled silly, but I'll miss them like crazy.

But I have been thinking... the child or children that God has called us to adopt has been alone their entire life. What is one month compared to a lifetime without love? Yeah, so that kind of put it into perspective for me. I have another child that needs me to come bring them home so that we can start making up for that lost time.

On a lighter note, I hit the jackpot at Sams Club yesterday. We had been looking at buying Underarmor ColdGear b/c according to my ROTC Cadet brothers, Underarmor is the best thermal underwear out there. But it is also $50 for each piece. Well, I found a knockoff brand of it at Sams Club for $8 a piece. I'm certin its not "quite" as good, but its darn close and will definitely work for what we need. I also found myself a pack of wool socks. I am a sock snob for sure but these were a great price and I'm now set for warm feet in Ukraine. I also got each of my boys an 8 pair pack of socks for like $6. Sweeet! It was like everything I had been looking for just all stuck in one spot so I could grap it and go.


Freedom Hollow Farmgirl said...

Hello and thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. thanks for the encouragement. I'll be praying for your paperwork as it makes its way thru the Ukraine.

I saw your friend's blog earlier today and plan to make a donation this evening. I am not posting much about our journey on my blog, I've actually deleted all my adoption entries due to harrassment for a particular person. It is a shame I've had to do that but I don't want to go private. I have started a new blog, and hope to use it to help earn money for our adoption while partnering with other adoptive families to help earn money for their adoptions.

I make these family values canvases and have been getting orders from my sister's friends. I made one for her for her bridal shower never dreaming this could be a way to earn money for our adoption.

I hope to have that blog fully operational in the next week, onelessbrokenheart.blogspot.com

Stop on by and become a follower.

Thanks again for stoppping by.

"To Ethiopia FOr Eli"

journey4liltark said...

Praying for you and your family for the submitting of the Dossier here in a few hours. Dont forget about us we are a week behind. We hope at some point to meet you if it is in Gods plan. Keep me posted. Thank you for making it ONE LESS!

sarah said...

I think you said that very well. I know this was a HUGE thing for Russ and I when we were talking about Adoption. I refused to leave the kids behind I couldn't do it. I wanted him to go. He was very upset that if I couldn't make this step for our waiting child then perhaps I just wasnt ready at all. Sad but true. SO thank you for being brave and following your heart and listening to GOD to go get your child/children.

Mama of 2 and Counting... said...

Farmgirl, I am now a follower!

journeyforliltark, I know you are RIGHT behind us! We will meet up if we are able :)

Sarah, I think I've said before that I didn't want to adopt from UA b/c of the long trip. This was definitely what God had to work on my heart over. At some point I went from "How can I?" to "How can I not?" My heart went from what I wanted, to what God wanted. Pray He will reveal what He wants you to do. He will!

We witness a miracle every time a child enters into life; but those who make their journey home across time and miles, growing within the hearts of those who wait to love them,are carried on the wings of destiny; and placed among us by God's very own hands. --Kristi Larson