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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I survived...barely

So the Dr. office visit was just jixed from the start. They had nothing right. The wrong Dr. and the wrong time for Phillip just made for a bad combo. The kids were SO loud but they were good. Loud, but good. The nurse fussed at them for being too loud, but hey that's why their daddy was supposed to be scheduled WITH me not an hour later! Long frustrating story short, I got the prescriptions we needed and I also got a printout from the CDC on what not to eat and drink in Ukraine. I really don't know why they even made me wait 15 minutes (with loud children) so they could print that out since I am the one that requested the appointment to get prescriptions for our trip but now I have a complete write up on what "Travelers Diarrhea" is.

I also went ahead and got a Flu Shot along with my last Hepititis A shot so I am finally done being poked. I think my arms are too skinny or something b/c the last time I had an incredibly sore arm for two weeks after I got my Hep B shot and this time my other arm that I got the Flu Shot in is hurting really bad. Not just sore, but like pain all the way down my arm when I move it. I mentioned it to the nurse when she asked if I had any reaction to the last shots and her suggestion was to give me a shot in my leg. I told her that I'd rather have an sore arm than a sore leg. I mean I don't use my arm to walk around.

So after a harrowing experience at the Drs, I decided to take the kids to the mall. I had a FREE panty coupon for Victoria's Secret so I marched in there and got a pair. Whoo Hoo free undies!

Then the kids and I went to Sbarro's for lunch and had pizza. We managed to leave there with both of them covered in chocolate milk and pizza sauce but it was nice. I don't go out to eat with the two of them often(ever).

I must have been feeling crazy or something because then I decided to take them to Sears and while I was looking at shoes on sale, they ran around and played chase.

We did find Wes some size 5 footie jamies because his jamies from last year looked rather funny when he put them on the other night. The feet were much too small and the neck was choking him but he refused to take them off. In the morning he told me that he didn't know what was wrong with them but he had to unzip them halfway down his belly to make them fit. Goofball! We also got him some new socks. He has grown out of everything! I need to find him a new winter coat as well so he can pass down last year's to Wyatt who has also outgrown everything.

Oh and tonight, after making cheesecake and finding moldy cream cheese, I decided to clean out the fridge. Just the thought of being gone for a month makes me want to remove things that have probably been in there since we moved here 2 years ago. Its now very empty because I haven't been grocery shopping in two weeks either.

Well I probably should go. I've had to stop and clean markers off the walls and doors and Elmers glue off the floor, train table, and drum while I have been trying to write this post. I think its time for two little darlings to take a bath and go to bed. This mama has had a full day and now I have glue under all of my rings which is making for sticky typing!


Zack & Jennifer Dove said...

Fun day... :)

About a month before our trip to Ukraine, I stopped buying groceries (other than absolute essentials) and we ate whatever was in the fridge, freezer or pantry. Our first trip to Ukraine, our fridge died while we were there and it was a disaster. I was scared to death of that happening again, so I wanted to leave as little in there as possible!

Mama of 2 and Counting... said...

Oh no! That's awful LOL! I really want to work on having frozen or canned meals ready for when we come home. Sleep deprivation and I don't result in much getting done!

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