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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving From Ukraine

The worst part about having good news is when you can't share it. We rode an overnight train to the region where we're staying and arrived about 6am yesterday morning. The train was hot. One of the people in our compartment kept coughing and coughing until he finally either got off the train or went somewhere else. He startled us when he did so because he got up and threw the door open which made the light come on and some little alarm go off which startled the two Americans in the top bunks who got blinded and startled awake on a train in Ukraine.

When we got off the train we were met by a driver and he took us to McDonalds where our translator tried to order me an egg biscuit. I got an egg McMuffin. Oh well, the coffee was very good and I was just happy to have a bathroom after refusing to use the one on the train all night!

After that we went to meet the orphanage director at her office which we thought opened at 8am but found out after waiting 20 minutes until 8am and she didn't arrive that they don't open till 9am. So we waited. We do a lot of that here.

After our translator had a very very long conversation with the director in her office, we drove to the orphanage and met several other people in charge there. They were very thorough and we were left with the impression that they very genuinly care about the children there.

After we had talked for a while, they brought in the little girl we were there to meet. She walked in wearing a super frilly pink dress covered in flowers and had about 30 flower clips in her hair. She said "izdrahswitzya!" (Hello and yes I know I butchered the spelling) She told us (in Russian) that her dress was very pretty and did we like it? We gave her a toy car to play with ( I know I know, but I have boys) which she loved and started making car noises while driving it. Wesley will be pleased.

They took her to the gym where she does her exercises and showed us how she does all of that. She talked the whole time. "Its raining outside so my groupa didn't go out today" "When we're done, I'm putting my shoes on myself." Then it was time for us to go and she said that she was glad we came to visit her, please don't leave yet, she wants to go for a walk outside. It was raining... she knew that lol

We visited her again last night and this morning. She points to Phillip and says "Papa!" She was scared of his beard yesterday but today she decided to pet it and says something that sounds like "poke" then jerks her hand away and laughs.

She likes to color and she is fascinated by the playdoh we brought. She calls it "Squish" because that's what I told her to do with it and it stuck as what she named it.

We found out today that she LOVES huge stuffed dogs. One of her nannies brought this huge stuffed dog (suh-bah-ka) to her and said that she loves dogs and horses. Keep in mind the nannie speaks NO english. We got this from what Russian I can speak and hand motions.
She also likes to play with cars. They have several ride on cars and she liked Phillip to push her around in them while I chased with "suhbahka."

She tells us "Paka" (bye) and "dezveydynya" when we leave. We are supposed to visit no less than 3 hours a day. Trying to tell the nannies today what time we'd be back was interesting. They speak no English and we don't know how to say time in Russian so we were trying to show each other what we meant with our hands and getting nowhere and Phillip said (to me) well what is it in Ukraine? 17:00 hours? Then one of the nannies said "Oh 5 o clock?" YES!

Paka Paka


Mom2Four said...

WOO!!!HOO!!! Can't wait til you can post pictures! I'm sure you are having a VERY happy thanksgiving.

Mom2Four said...
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Rosetta said...

Praise God the search is over! We will miss you guys today, but will enjoy having the boys. I'm planning to post some pictures on my facebook page. Can't wait to meet her and see pictures.

Love and Prayers,

Aunt Rose

Winnie said...

I figured your silence was due to good things since you were not back in Kiev!

Congratulations, like everyone I can't wait for pictures and details but I know that's a no-no.

You'll be home by Christmas, hope you have some pink stuff!

laurietw said...

Sounds like things are moving in the right direction for sure. Hang on. . . there are sure to be more ups and downs in the process. Lots of hurry up and wait, etc. Enjoy the region. Takes lots of pictures. Absorb the culture. Praying for you still. :-)

kim said...

so happy for you. She sounds awesome! Will you be able to post a picture before you return home?

We witness a miracle every time a child enters into life; but those who make their journey home across time and miles, growing within the hearts of those who wait to love them,are carried on the wings of destiny; and placed among us by God's very own hands. --Kristi Larson