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Sunday, November 28, 2010

If Home is Where My Heart is then I'm Out of Place

You know you're homesick when the sight of McDonald's golden arches makes you teary eyed. I don't even like cheeseburgers but I so desperately wanted a taste of home that we asked our driver to stop at McDonalds so we could get a burger and fries there. They put ice in our coke which was nice since it was the first ice in our drinks since we left Dulles, but we were both wondering the whole time if it will make us sick. We wanted the ice bad enough to risk it. I've already taken Immodium for a week anyways!

We talked to the boys twice on skype today. They fed us maccaroni and cheese and we fed them a kindersurprise chocolate egg and cream puff rolls. Then we took turns giving kisses. Wes showed us the Christmas ornaments that NiNi bought him and Wyatt. Trains. He was very excited and obviously didn't want to leave them on the tree. We miss those boys so much but we are so greatful that we get to see them and hear them twice a day even if just through the computer.

I found a roll of paper towels in the kitchen today and Phillip and I both got ridiculously excited. I guess they do sell them here because there they are in the kitchen, but I haven't seen them in a store yet. I found a secret compartment hidden in the bathroom tile that had among other things, a bottle of something that looks like windex. Can it be true? An apartment with paper towels and windex??!

It snowed this morning and yesterday morning as well. Not much, just a little but its supposed to do more this coming week and a high of 21 degrees for Wednesday. Maybe we'll use that long underwear we brought yet!

We visited "Katoosh" as they call her at the orphanage, twice again today. We have to stay in a long hallway with several sofas when we visit her since we aren't allowed to play with her groupa. Many times other people are visiting children in the same hallway and they bring toys and chatter away in Russian. Katoosh wants to go see what they're doing and gets really frustrated if we don't let her. I wish we could go outside, but its cold. Its challanging trying to play with a child for several hours in a long hallway when she doesn't understand what you are saying and we don't know what she is saying either. We bought some toys but I think the new has worn off of those. I will admit I get bored playing with the same markers, crayons, notebook, and beads after an hour as well. We took her upstairs tonight to a different sofa (change of scenery) but it was so dimly lit that I kept losing toys on the carpet. She seemed really tired and frustrated tonight and I think she has a cold as well so even though we are supposed to stay longer than an hour and a half, we took her back to her groupa. She seemed ready to go. I think they may have been doing something she wanted to do? We are going to try to find something more interactive and interesting tomorrow at the children's store across the street.

Being in a foreign country is interesting and exciting. Living in a foreign country is challanging and a little frustrating. Visiting an orphanage twice a day, every day is emotionally exhausting. Nothing could have prepared me for it. It has made me question myself and God, but today I realized that most of all, we just can't wait to take Katoosh home.

We're waiting for the orphanage director to sign papers that have to be submitted to the SDA and then processed over 5 working days before we can petition to have court. Please pray that she will sign the papers tomorrow so we can get going with the next step towards home.


Healy Family said...

I wish they would let you go play with the other kids too. after a week or so with our girls we were finally let "upstairs" with all the other kids and it was a lot better. we took in cards and taught the kids how to play "gin" and having the other kids around was more stimulating for everyone and a lot less boring. it takes the pressure off of everyone when the group is bigger. i'm gonna pray that the "groupa" becomes an option for you. we ended up bringing fruit to the kids everyday = it was something we never saw them eat and it was so cheap to buy from the little fruitstand on the street not far from their orphanage. i wonder if you bought "treats" for all the kids if they might let you into the "groupa"?

i remember being happy when we found a (very small) jar of peanut butter in a store one time.

be encouraged! you will get home one day, sooner than you think. in hind sight the time will have gone fast and pretty soon you'll turn around and realize you are spending your second christmas with your new kids who speak excellent english and you'll wonder where the time has gone! remember that the Lord loves you so much and He loves your boys back home and He loves your daughter to be as well - every single day and adoption event is part of His great plan for you! You have followed HIm in obedience. Have hope! Let your light shine!

Praying for you!!

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

We are praying for you, for your comfort and peace (and patience!) Praying that the director signs that piece of paper and gets this show on the road!

We witness a miracle every time a child enters into life; but those who make their journey home across time and miles, growing within the hearts of those who wait to love them,are carried on the wings of destiny; and placed among us by God's very own hands. --Kristi Larson