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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Making the best of it.

We had hoped that our facilitator might be able to work some magic and get us a 2nd appointment on Friday, but that didn't happen. We are waiting till Monday at 9am to go to the SDA and sign up for the next available appointment. We're hoping we'll be able to get an appointment for later on Monday.

All of this waiting is really hard. We miss our boys so much! I don't know how I will last the rest of the time because I miss them more each day and I didn't think that was possible. They seem very happy when we talk to them on skype though. Wyatt kisses the screen and squeals "Mama and Dada!" and Wes runs off and says "Oh I'm too busy to talk."

We know that all things work together for good and in the grand scheme of things it is only one week that we've been set back. Our timing is not the same as God's timing and we know that He is working things out for the greater good for our family.

So while we've had a few days of just waiting for paperwork to be re-approved we have walked around a bit and gotten aquainted with Kiev. Its been rainy off and on so we're afraid to go too far for fear of suddenly getting wet. I left my hat in Dr. Yuri's car on Wednesday and he hasn't returned it yet so I bought one in Independence Square for 50 Grivna (about $6). I think overall I blend in pretty well here because people keep trying to start conversations with me in Russian. I wish I understood it better!

We found a nicer grocery store today called Vila (I think). I nearly bought a bag of salt instead of a bag of sugar, but thankfully I asked someone who told me what it was. We also found TGI Fridays but we didn't eat there. We're trying to buy food and cook it at the apartment to conserve money.

On the way back from the store we saw a bunch of people dressed up as animals and cartoon characters in the street. I stopped to snap a picture of the ones in the street and Bart Simpson and a Lion ran over to where we were and told us to take a picture WITH them. Bart thought it would be a good idea to flick us off in the pictures - we said No. After taking a few pictures they told us that was their job and then asked for $20 USD each! Hah! I told them "No, we don't have USD, we have Grivna and you can have 5 grivna each." No, they wanted $20USD. They kept asking for dollars and we kept saying no, you didn't tell us it cost money, so they finally told us to delete the pictures on the camera. I know what I'd do in the U.S. but here I wasn't so sure what to do. :-O Maybe its common knowledge here that it cost money to take pictures with people in costumes? No one else was doing it so I'd say probably so...

Note to self: never take pictures with strange animals in the streets of Kiev.

We walked back to our apartment and cooked a whole chicken in a pot with vegetables for dinner. We bought frozen fish fillets and are going to attempt that tomorrow. The oven is gas as well so I'm not too sure how this will go...


Healy Family said...

i'm sorry about the scene with the animals in the road - sometimes foreign travel is nerve wracking! i remember buying sugar one time myself. i think it took 15 minutes to figure it out. the pictures on the bag didn't help at all - i saw one bag with a picture of soup on it so i thought it was salt, but i remember also learning it was not salt - something else entirely (maybe msg?) i think i figured out one box was sugar cubes (not what i wanted) but compared words from the sugar cubes until i found the regular sugar. sheesh! it was a lot of work but worth it on that yummy oatmeal! i admire your work in the kitchen! we never attempted more than reheating pizza and cooking eggs and oatmeal. i think we ate bread cheese and yogurt almost all the time. we ate at TGIFridays once and i think it was the only place in the whole country to get blue cheese dressing! have you found the market inside the round building? it's not far from TGIF and has a ton of stuff. will be praying for you to get an appt on Monday!

Healy Family said...

i just found our old blog from our adoption - if you need reading material to encourage you that you WILL get through this - you can read ours. i have not done a good job of keeping it up since we got home. having 5 kids 4 years apart and working full time keeps me busy! http://healy7.blogspot.com/
and i also learned this lesson the hard way - if you *think* you're buying kiwi's from the little kiosk under independence square in the mall - YOU ARE NOT- you are actually buying a very expensive glass of fresh squeezed kiwi juice. it was good though... :)

Mama of 2 and Counting... said...

We wanted sugar for oatmeal as well. I couldn't figure out what it said and the girl in the store didn't speak English and was laughing at trying to say "sugar" so I picked up the salt and said "Ni salt" SUGAR. She understood what I wanted then!
We put bananas and yogurt in the oatmeal as well. Its really good here!
We were looking for the market when we saw the "animals" lol. We may venture down there again? We kind of walked very quickly away!

Healy Family said...

my favorite "near miss" was when i desperately needed hand lotion. we were in the little store near our apt in donetsk and after studying multiple bottles for several minutes i took one to the lady at the meat counter and after *pantomiming* putting on hand lotion she looked at the bottle and then gestered to her hair - ah, conditioner. i finally found a bottle of garnier brand that had a picture of a hand on it - and it worked well so i am mostly confident to this day that it was really hand lotion. :)

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