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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

More snow - No Papers yet

Yesterday it started snowing before our 2nd visit with "K." By the time we got to our car, it was snowing, sleeting, freezing rain, and probably some cats and dogs too. Our driver looked at us and said "Winter." Haha Yes it is.

We found out the Russian word for snow. Its schnick. When they try to say "snow" but it comes out "schnow." Our driver was trying to tell us about the "schnow" and we thought he was trying to "show" us something.

I must have eaten something that didn't make my stomach happy when we were back in Kiev because I've eaten my daily limit of Immodium for over a week now and its STILL not happy with me. Phillip and I have both lost a noticable amount of weight. All the running around we did the first week, we just didn't have time to eat much and then having to come back to Kiev and having to do it all over again and come out here where we are now was another couple of days with not much to eat. Its also hard to find "pre-packaged" food. One apartment didn't even have a microwave so it didn't matter anyways. I like to cook and I don't like processed food so we're making out pretty well but it takes time to prepare food and we're running around a lot here. We did find the UA version of Oodles of Noodles. Yay.

I have a pair of jeans that keep falling down everywhere I go. They were "skinny" jeans. Now I have lots of extra room in them. They were my favorite jeans, but I'm not sure if I want to fill them back out again. Maybe a dryer will take of this problem! I did bring a pair of pants that were really tight just in case this happened and they fit nicely.

We took "K" some of the clothes we brought with us today. They workers put her hairbows in her hair and bring her toys back that we gave her so we thought that we'd just give her a pair of clothes to wear. Everything she has worn has either been too small or way way too big. The 2T shirt I brought her fit really well but I think 3T would be fine too because she is fairly tall. They didn't put her skirt and leggings that we gave her this morning but maybe she'll have them on this evening. I want to know what size to buy her because half the things I brought were too small so I gave them to the grouppa.

Its snowing here so I'm making chicken soup and watching the snow fall. Its supposed to be a high of 15 tomorrow. We asked our driver if it was supposed to "balshya schnick" (big snow) but all we got was "da schnow." Hmmm....

Please keep praying that our papers will get signed. We are waiting on a phone call from our translator to let us know when they've been signed so we can go pick them up and put them on a train to Kiev so that she can get them (in 8 hours) and submit them to the SDA. Please please keep praying! We need those papers before we can get a court date!


Mom Of Many said...

I am so glad you posted that message to me in the comments. I started praying and will continue. Tomorrow I am having a day of prayer {and fasting}...so please post a comment asking for prayer for the papers and your court date. Many around the world will join in praying!!

And I saw your FB said, "Scottsville"...isn't that near Farmville? We used to pastor in Amelia. Crazy!

Praying from Colorado!

Healy Family said...

I remember thinking that the russian word for snow wasn't a very pretty word... :) it snowed a ton when we were there (especially during our second trip). one night we walked in the falling snow to our favorite pizza place and home again also in the falling snow and then back again in the snow because as soon as we got to our place i realized i had left my purse/passport at the restaurant. uggh~the weather in ukraine exactly matches the weather in boise idaho. it's snowing here right now.

i will pray for the papers and for your health. i'm so sorry your stomach is upset!

kim said...

We're praying. Enjoying your blogs! Can probably pick you up at airport if you need me to. Just let me know. -Kim

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