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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Should be sleeping but...

Whew jetlag is annoying. We are leaving at 3am to drive to the region where the child we were refered is. I should be sleeping, but I can't! The air quality here is a bit on the poor side and I think its from the small fires we saw burning in the fields all around Kiev when we flew in. I'm not sure what they are from but its rather smokey sometimes and my allergies are in overdrive. Our appartment also smells quite strongly of cigarette smoke. It seems everyone here smokes.

We went to a pharmacy today and I bought a few things. Its really interesting how you have to buy things here. I showed the clerk what I wanted and she wrote it on a piece of paper and I had to pay for the things at a different counter then walk back to get my stuff. Not sure if that is how its done, or its how its done if you don't speak Russian.

The food here is excellent. We have eaten borcht, varakavina, "pancakes" with wild mushrooms inside (like a stuffed crepe), Greek Salad (1 piece of lettuce w/ cucumbers, red peppers, tomatoes, black olives and feta cheese), and of course we had to try a Ukrainian McDonalds. Let me just say that their version of ketchup rocks. I also bought a cup of coffee from a vending machine. I could read the writing well enough to pick what I wanted.

Another interesting thing is that the milk at the grocery store comes in a bag. I thought our facilitator was playing a joke on me when I asked for the milk and he picked up a bag!

I laughed when I saw the toilet paper in our appartment. Its pink and has flowers on it. We were warned Ukie tp was rough, but whatever brand this is, isn't bad haha!

We have a small washer, but no dryer. We washed clothes and strung up a clothesline in the kitched to let our clothes dry. I think this is par for the course and I am really happy we had a washer!

One thing I have learned about Kiev. Sidewalks are not just for walking. Oh no no no. They are also parking spots, additional lanes for traffic and a place to pull over when the politzaski wants to have a word w/ you about your driving methods.


Champ said...

Side walks in Belgium seem to be the place to curb your dog on a walk. ie: no pooper police... watch you step... and get some sleep.

laurietw said...

Hope your trip was good. If I remember correctly, the first day in the region is REALLY busy. Maybe you don't even have internet access, too? Praying for you still.

danali said...

Buy the milk in the box on the shelf and not in the bag. you might have to sterilize it if its in the bag. you can find boxed milk on a regular shelf or in the cold section sometimes

Healy Family said...

i agree with the buy milk ("moloko") in the box - unless a store doesn't sell milk at all (possible) it should be plentiful in boxes. Ukraine McDonalds does not have regular yellow mustard. if you the the opportunity, try salmon nuggets. :) always ask for an apartment with a washer - they will never have dryers. it depends on the store whether you have to pay at separate stations or if there is one central checkout place. at the grocery store on the back side of our apartment in donetsk it was pay at different stations but at several of the stores within walking distance it was pay for everything in one spot. once you get settled in your region, i'd like to recommend a certain oatmeal. if you find a store with a cereal section, the oatmeal comes in a green box and is DELICIOUS! I have yet to be able to find out what it contains exactly as it seems to be a multi grain combo but i was totally addicted to it! i cooked 1 part of the oats with 1 part water (from a bottle) and i part milk (from a box!) and microwaved it - it was delicious!!!

continuing to pray for you and so excited to follow your trip!

We witness a miracle every time a child enters into life; but those who make their journey home across time and miles, growing within the hearts of those who wait to love them,are carried on the wings of destiny; and placed among us by God's very own hands. --Kristi Larson