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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

So I have been unable to post on my blog via the iPod. I am on the laptop at Phillip's parents'.

Phillip left Charlottesville Airport at 10:30am on Sunday and after traveling to Dulles, Munich, Kiev, and Kharkov, finally made it around 1am Tuesday morning, but he got right off the train and headed into a full day of paperowork with our translator that included a 2 1/2 hour car drive to Katya's hometown. He finally made it to an apartment to get some sleep on Tuesday night (Ukraine time - so early Wed. morning EST).

So right now they have everything taken care of except getting Katya's passport. They expect to pick that up on Monday, then get Katya and take the night train to Kiev. Phillip emailed the embassy on Friday about an appointment but hasn't heard back yet. We're hoping for a Tuesday appointment so they can pick up the visa on Wednesday and come home! We're going to have to change flight plans again though because right now their plane leaves Kiev on Wed. morning and unless the embassy pulls a miracle and does everything in one day, they can't leave till Wed. night. Oh well...

Last night I asked the boys if they wanted to put out cookies for Santa Clause. We aren't opening presents at our house till Daddy comes home so I wanted to do something fun for them. Wes was all into it and said we also needed a carrot for the reindeer. Wyatt carried the plate of cookies over and Wesley carried the milk cup. Wes asked if Santa would come in the fireplace. I said yes. He said well Mom there is fire there! He might get burned! I said Santa would be fine and he'd come down as soon as they went to sleep and leave a present. Wes then said "I'm gonna get in my bed now and NOT peek!" Wyatt looked at the fireplace, the cookies and milk, then climbed up on the love seat. I said, "What are you doing." He said, "My gonna wait for SannaClas. My want see him." Oh MY he was MAD at me for making him go to bed!!

The only way I got him to go to sleep was to let him sleep in the newly made Princess toddler bed...

We called Phillip on skype this morning from his parent's house so he could watch the boys open presents. They showed Daddy everything they got and ate donuts in front of him. I've promised a repeat of Christmas Day at our house once Daddy and Katya get home. Wesley is SO excited that we get to "Have Christmas Day AGAIN!" Our presents will remain under the tree until we're ALL home.

Its been really hard today to not have Phillip here. We could have waited till after Christmas to go get Katya but we really didn't want to do that. She's never had a family for Christmas and even if she doesn't really understand that Daddy was there with her today, we did. I miss him so much. We've never spent Christmas apart before, not even when we were dating.

I'll be really glad when he gets home :) We're gonna have a PARTY!

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