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Thursday, December 30, 2010


I have been a bad blogger lately. I finally have the laptop back at home though so at least I am able to blog now. I picked Phillip and Katya up from Dulles yesterday around 5pm. Their plane landed at 2:44pm and that is how long customs and immigration took them. Every other plane from Europe landed with theirs I think.

Long story short. We drove home, had dinner prepared by my cousin and his wife, then let the kids play a little and showed Katya the house before baths. After baths Katya let me put her jammies on and put her in the bed. She laid there and talked a while before going to sleep. She woke up around 1am and I rocked her a little bit and she went right back to sleep. Somewhere around 6 or so she woke up again and Phillip got her and put her in our bed. She fussed a while then threw up. Yuk. I'm not sure what was wrong but she was fine the rest of the day.

Naptime was awful. She screamed and cried and wouldn't let me rock her at first. She just saw the bed and I explained it was time for "speet" and she just got upset. I would appreciate some tips here because at first (since she wouldn't let me rock her) I just put her in her bed and let her scream a little while. Then I went in and rocked her to sleep. As soon as I put her down, she woke up and started screaming again. So I rocked her again. Same thing. Fast forward 2 hours later and none of my kids were asleep.

Finally she said she had to pee so I took her to the potty then brought her back to her bed. When I laid her down and tucked her in that time, she didn't fuss at all and went right to sleep. THEN I could get Wyatt to go to sleep.

Overall though, the kids have played happily with each other all day and our "Christmas Day" is tomorrow morning! I am so happy to have my hubby back. I missed that man!

Katya has a Dr. appointment on Tues. next week so we'll see what specialist they refer of to and what everyone recommends. She definitely will benefit from medical attention here in the U.S.

I will fill in what all went on in Kharkov at other time. When I have time!


The McEacherns said...

For the first few naps, Isabel screamed and rocked violently unless I put her on my chest and let her sleep that way for the entire nap. (I didn't have other kids to deal with though!)I think it was just her need to get used to new surroundings and realizing that we'd still be there when she woke up. Good luck!

P.S. I heard you met Seaveys! They live about 2 miles from us, so we got to meet their new daughter.

Healy Family said...

hooray and welcome home to your entire family!!! is the journey over....or just beginning? :)

Mama of 2 and Counting... said...

Yes we met the Seaveys and Lilia. They were on their way out when we had just come to Kiev. Very cool that you live close to them!

Bedtime went better last night so hopefully we're already making progress.

Mom2Four said...

Do anything you need to do to help her sleep. It is one of the most challenging times for little ones. Let her sleep on you; let her sleep in your bed; sleep in her bed/room with her; sleep with her on the floor; For however long it takes. She will eventually realize that you will always be there when she wakes up and it WILL get easier.

laurietw said...

Colin didn't like to be rocked. He would arch his back and scream or cry. I read a lot about attaching and holding, and we did that with him. He also threw up when he got upset. He even threw up on me on the plane ride home. :-) He was also a super picky eater when he first came home. This was so hard since he needed food. He was so malnourished!

One book that I'd recommend is Toddler Adoption: The Weaver's Craft by Mary Hopkins-Best. It's been 6 years since I adopted, but if I remember correctly, that book had a lot of great strategies for attaching and what to do to foster that at home. Remember, too, the jet lag she must be feeling. I know she is older that Colin was, but email me if you have any specific questions that I can help you with! She is precious! lkwill@q.com

laurietw said...

Something else I remembered: Colin would scream when left alone for bedtime at first. My husband or I would have to hold his hand until he fell asleep. He was also hyper vigilant, so any little noise would wake him up. I can remember finally getting him to fall asleep, and them one my my dogs would walk into his room and wake him up. Then we'd have to start over.
Everything I read said not to leave a child like this alone to scream and tire out and fall asleep. Hope this helps. :-)

Stefanie and Bill said...

I would suggest giving her a favorite doll/stuffed animal that stays in her bed. Rather than telling her its time for bed, mention the dolls name. I also have a music player in my little boys room and play music, as a trigger that now it is time to sleep. Sleep time in the groupas is VERY strict. It may last for three hours and the children are expected to lay in the bed no matter what. So, she may be concerned she is going to miss something;). Make it as "pleasant" and positive of an event as possible. Good luck!

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