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Friday, December 3, 2010

The papers were signed!

So after a discouraging day yesterday for both us, our translator, and the orphanage director of unsuccessfully trying to get our paperwork signed and the situation looking rather bleak, this morning we found out that it had been signed! WHoohoo!! We also have a court date for Thursday next week. The judge is according to our translator "A very good guy."

We are still doing a lot of paperwork. Some new requirements popped up and we have to prove that our little girl is a citizen of Ukraine. Yep you read that right. Our translator is doing that today.

We are trying to have the 10 day waiting period after court waived. Our little girl has a medical condition that may make this possible. The judge said that if it is legally possible, he will try to do it. So they are looking into that for us.

So prayer requests in order:

1) that the SDA will process our paperwork that has finally been signed SUPER SUPER quick. Normally this process takes 5 working days, but we only have 2 before we have to have them for court. So pray pray pray!

2) That the judge will be able to waive our waiting period after court. If he can't then we're going to try to take care of all paperwork necessary here in this region during the waiting period so we can go to Kiev on the 11th day. Some regions allow it, some don't. Our translator is checking into this as well for us.

Our translator works very hard for us and she has been away from her family for a long time too as they don't all live in Kiev. We miss our kids and she misses hers so it will be good for everyone for this process to move quicker than it has been.

We're off to find some pizza and get "K" some more KinderSurprise Eggs. We're ready to celebrate even the small victories!


Zack & Jennifer Dove said...

Praise God for good news - and this is a HUGE victory!!!! Praying that all goes well between now & Thursday, and that God will move in a way that will allow the 10 day to be waived.

laurietw said...

Great news. Just relax (ha ha) and remember it is all in God's hands.

journey4liltark said...

Awesome news! Praying for it to be waived.

The McEacherns said...

Woo-hoo! Praying for God's perfect plan and timing to continue to unfold!

Healy Family said...

I cannot believe you got a court date that fast and that soon! excellent news!!! I prayed for you guys this morning and will continue to do so - I'm excited for you!

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