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Monday, December 6, 2010

We got a phone call...

So those infamous papers that were finally signed on Friday last week (due to everyone praying for us no doubt!) were submitted to the SDA today. It can take up to 5 business days to process these papers but we need them done no later than Wednesday so we can have court on Thursday as scheduled. We sent out prayer requests to our church, posted on facebook and this blog and that whole "Pray without ceasing" thing; I've been doing it.

So this morning we braved snowy sidewalks and super slick ice covered roads to walk to the orphanage and visit "K." We didn't fall down, but we had a few close calls! I don't see how all these women walk around in 4 inch pointy toe boots without missing a beat!

We had a good visit and since the cold wasn't ripping our face off today, we decided to walk around and explore a little bit. We walked to a 2nd Hand Store we had seen the day before but it didn't have much in it. We kept going and found 3 more 2nd Hand Stores further down the street that did have a few items that should fit "K." We've been trying to find her a pair of shoes or boots but new children's shoes are ridiculously expensive and we don't have her foot with us to make sure its the right size.

We also found another little coffee shop (they're everywhere) right next to one of the stores so we went in to get a cup of coffee and warm up. We got 2 Mochachinos and 2 little creampuff things for about $1.75.

We did go into a Children's store to price boots and some of them were 800 grivnas! So we bought 1 pair of tights to go under a little dress we found and decided to keep shopping for shoes until we find some for a little less!

In case anyone is wondering why we are looking for clothes for "K," the orphanage doesn't give us any clothes for her because she doesn't have any that are just hers. They are for all of the kids so we have to provide clothes the day we take her with us.

After walking around shopping for about an hour (mostly walking), we headed back to the apartment to make lunch and talk to the boys on skype. I miss those boys so much but they seem to be very happy with NiNi and PaPa so that makes me feel a little better (but not much). Wes was showing off a truck he built with Legos that a silly NiNi bought him after saying she wouldn't buy legos because they were too messy; and Wyatt was coloring with a purple marker. Eventually they got into a shoving match in front of the computer and Wyatt tried to shove Wesley off but couldn't so Wyatt tried to color Wesley's face with the marker to get even. And all of this is before Wes even went to preschool this morning.

Our apartment is boring. Our TV is in terrible shape so we can't even watch Russian television. Phillip has resorted to playing a John Deer game on the computer that he installed for Wesley and I have been playing too much "Super Mega Worm" on my brother's iPod touch. I read all of my books already... like 2 weeks ago already. So since its supposed to be a balmy 37 degrees tomorrow we are going in search of the worlds 3rd largest city block tomorrow. Its supposed to be close to our apartment.

Ah and the good news that I've saved for last: Our translator called this afternoon and said that our documents will be ready on Wednesday so we can have court on Thursday as scheduled. YAY!!


Mom2Four said...

WOO!!!HOO!!! What an awesome God we serve!

kim said...


The McEacherns said...

Try tracing her bare foot on a piece of paper or measuring it if you have a measuring tape. That's what we did, and it worked nicely. Try to get out of the city center to an outdoor market (rynok) and you should find much better prices.

Praying the SDA gets that approval to you so court can go on as scheduled. Can't wait to see your little one's face!

The McEacherns said...

Oh, and I loved second hand shopping there! It drove my husband nuts though!

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