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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy One Month Home!

Its hard to believe its been a month already in some ways... and in others I can't believe its ONLY been a month. We've had a lot of adjustments and everyone has been trying to find the new normal. I think we're getting there :)

Unfortunately Wes & Wy have both been sick for the last several days. Katya has managed to not get what they've had though so I guess she has a pretty good immune system!

We've had a lot of firsts. She had never seen a chicken before and FREAKED out when one of my banties started walking towards her. She's quickly figured out that they make eggs and live in their "chicken dom." She likes to hear them crow and says "Mama's cheekens!"

She also had never seen a real dog. She knew what one was but when we went to my MIL's house and Tammy (fat, slow, beagle looking for a treat) starting walking towards her, she again absolutely freaked out. But she gets over being scared really quickly and within 10 minutes she would feed Tammy a treat and tell her "LeonaaaDa!" (hands off!) when she licked her lol.

She likes to "help" me cook dinner. I don't think she had ever seen anyone make food before. She was so fascinated with what I was doing and then thrilled that I made food and put it on the table for us to eat. We made cookies yesterday and she "got" the idea that the cookie package would end up as cookies AFTER we mixed them up and baked them.

I do not think that she had much opportunity to play with toys because she had no idea what to do with mega blocks or even very simple puzzles. I'm confused by that because they had a large playroom with blocks in it and sensory equipment; and I remember seeing things like shape puzzles but Phillip and I are pretty sure that Katya wasn't allowed to go with her grouppa to play because she couldn't walk and couldn't participate in the group activites the kids were doing.

She is sitting here building a block tower as I speak and she has figured out how to put together very simple puzzles. :) She wants to play the boys' Leapster Explorers but she's not quite ready for that yet!

I'm not sure who's picking up more of another language, Katya or the boys. Phillip and I were finishing up dinner and heard "Leonaaada! Eta myoo!" No big deal, except that it came out of Wesley's mouth with a perfect Russian accent. He told Katya, "hands off that's mine!" She tells them "STOP!" Katya is really hanging on to Russian. She speaks it so well that its a shame that she will lose it, but at the same time we need her to learn English so we can communicate. She is picking it up a lot though and she understands most of what we say now. She knows many Russian songs and sings them very loudly when the mood strikes. They are long long songs that go on and on... I have no idea what she is singing about! She sits on Phillip's lap when he comes home and tells him about her day. For about 5 minutes she talks non-stop in Russian and we try to pick out what she's saying. "Kalashka" (her stroller) "mya dom" (the playhouse) "Cheekens!"

We have been doing a lot of stretches with her at least twice a day and trying for three times. We've seen a lot of improvement in her flexability and strength so far. She could not sit up on her bottom when we came home and we've been working on it during our stretching time, but I found her sitting up on her bottom by herself yesterday. Its hard for her and she has to hold her knees to do it, but she can do it now and as you can see in the picture she can sit on the sit and spin the right way now :)

Happy One Month Anniversary, Katya. We love you!!


sarah said...

Happy one month home. Glad the stretches are helping :)

Healy Family said...

The time goes so fast! In 2.5 weeks my girls will have been here for 2 YEARS! The English does come fast. I remember the first time I heard the girls arguing in English rather than Russian. I also clearly remember the first full sentence I heard in English, "Don't put your feet on my head!!". I doubt I will ever forget that one. :)

Congrats on one month! And it's wonderful to hear about the progress she's making in all areas. The Lord is good!!

We witness a miracle every time a child enters into life; but those who make their journey home across time and miles, growing within the hearts of those who wait to love them,are carried on the wings of destiny; and placed among us by God's very own hands. --Kristi Larson