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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hired a PI

We decided to hire a Private Investigator in Ukraine to find out more about Katya's birth family. We know that she has several siblings that live with her bio mom and 2 siblings that were adopted. Her 7 year old brother is here somewhere in the U.S. and we really want to find him so they could at least meet each other at some point in time.

We debated (briefly) if we should go ahead and do this now since we just got back, but it really doesn't cost that much since our money is worth so much more in Ukraine and we figured that its better to do it now while the information on the documents is current and everyone involved in our adoption remembers Katya. We had intended to do this with whatever child we adopted because it seems like it would be wrong not to get as much information for them as possible. The last thing I want is a child asking me questions that I can't answer but could have if we had looked into things.

I may post about some of what we find out or I may not. Its Katya's story and while I try to be really open about our adoption because I want people to get the full view of what its like, her story isn't really for public digest and she may or may not want people to know details when she gets older.

Overall, we're excited about it. We have reason to believe that her bio mom did the best she could for Katya at the time of her birth, so I am hopeful that she will be happy to share information with us :)


Healy Family said...

did you find someone to hire? the attorney that did our adoption was also able to do this kind of thing. i'd be happy to pass along his email if you were interested - he was/is a great man!

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

I'd love to hear about anyone anyone has hired, as we are also looking into doing this... our girl is from odessa region, if that matters

Healy Family said...

If anyone is interested in contacting our ukrainian attorney, I'd be happy to pass that info along. comments on my blog are private until i make them public so you can leave a comment with contact info and I will not publish it but then will send his contact info along.

Mama of 3 said...

Yes we already hired someone who came highly recommended from another family who used him twice. I'd be happy to give his info to you "Just Another Day" if you want. You can email him and ask how much he charges for Odessa but I thought his price wasn't bad compared to what we paid for court and other things.

Janis B said...

I'm also interested in who you are using. Gene Sagin has come highly recommended but I haven't made a final decision yet. Also interested in your list of questions if you're willing to share.

Mama of 3 said...

Yeah Gene is who we are using. He has a website that I'll post if I can find it. So far he has very good English and always answers email right away. Nothing lost in translation when I ask questions or tell him what I want him to find out. I'll post about how it goes when I find out. He said he'll start Monday and be done in a few days. We had a lot of info to start with compared to some though.

Robin Covello said...

Hi. We are about to hire Gene to find our daughter's birth family. Can you please tell me what your experience was with him? Good and bad points?

Thanks so much,

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