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Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Monday

Well, today Phillip went back to work and Wes went back to preschool. I was DREADING being alone with the 3 of them by myself but it hasn't been so bad as you can tell because I have found a few minutes to blog.

We moved Katya's crib into our room (and yes she's in a crib b/c its the closest thing to what her bed at the orphanage was like) and that seems to have alleviated her screaming fits for bed and naptime.

Overall, we are adjusting well I think. We are really trying to work on bonding with her because she did not seem to be attached to a caregiver at the orphanage and has not mentioned once missing her grouppa or anyone there. She will go to anyone so we know that we really need to focus on getting her to form a healthy attachement to us.

So what that means is limiting her interaction with anyone else until she understands that we are the only people who will take care of her. She calls us mama and papa but she doesn't really understand what that means. For now we are sticking close to home and getting her used to being a part of a family.

All three of the kids seem to be doing well with adjusting to each other. Katya scolds the boys in Russian and they fuss at her in English. They all seem to get tone more than words anyways. She has a baby that she calls "LaLa" and Wyatt is obsessed with telling her that its not a LaLa its a baby! Oh well... Katya loves to pretend being a mama to LaLa and gives her a bottle and wraps her in a blanket and kisses her. I think that is great for her to be able to show affection. She also hugs and kisses the boys who hug and kiss her and then they all get tired of the love fest and shove each other off lol

Katya is sleeping all night except for waking at 5:30am to "peesit" pee then goes back to sleep.

We have a Dr. appointment tomorrow so I am hoping that goes well. We're leaving our boys with NiNi so we can both focus on Katya and what the Dr. has to say.

That's all I have time for now! Just wanted to update those of you who follow the blog.

I really think that the adjustment has been the hardest for me. I have cried at some point every day since we left for Ukraine in November. Whew! (except for today...)


Zack & Jennifer Dove said...

Crying is normal, and it DOES get better! Keeping her works small is also a great idea.
When you get a chance (in your spare time!), would love to see a blog talking about the age difference between your three. And how they all compare in size.
They look so cute together - are you getting lots of comments about how "they look like real siblings"? Ah, as if they were just pretend :) I know what people mean when they say things like that, but sometimes I just have to laugh!

Email anytime, I have totally been there done that!


Mama of 2 and Counting... said...

I have so much that I want to blog about but I am feeling like I have no time.
Katya is 7 months younger than Wesley (both are 4) but is smaller (weight) than Wyatt ;)

Healy Family said...

i think the kids leaving the orphanage get lonely when they come to the states. they are used to "group" sleeping the silence is too quiet. i know of several families who adopted "older" kids (9-16) and across the board the kids wanted to sleep in the parents room - i think it's simply too quiet. it sounds like a good move to put her in your room - over time as she makes the adjustment to her new family life you can slowly move her out. :)

on the medical front, both of our girls tested "positive" on the TB test and were raced over the hospital for lung xrays, which turned out fine. however, because TB is a "public health issue" the health department supplied us with 9 months of antibiotics (no charge to us) to treat the positive test. while the girls do NOT have TB, it appears they have either been exposed (not unusual living in an institution like they did) OR they had an "immunization" at some point and now they will always test positive as a result. i think it's impossible to know forsure as whatever health history they have brought with them may or may not be that accurate...anyway, every couple of months the health dept sent the antibiotics to the doctor's office for us to pick up, and again because it's a public health issue, there was no charge to us or our insurance for the pills.

when the girls had their welcome to america physicals, they ran a TON of tests - and everything came back fine. i write about the TB test so that if they do that one on your daughter, and it comes back positive, you are not alarmed. apparently, from what i have read, it's a wide spread issue. in fact, i found an interesting article about just this thing and i still have it in an email that i would be happy to forward to you if you are interested. you can email me at healyfamily7@gmail.com and i will send it to you.

Gary and Tina said...

Love this picture of your children together. So cute! Glad things are going well. Praying for you guys.


sarah said...

I remember when we had Haylee for the 8 months. She would go to anyone. She would walk up to people in food lion hug them. I remember one night at church Carrie was holding her & she cried because she didnt want to come back to me, yet when she was with me she loved on my like crazy (& I of course did her as well). I have been thinking of your family often. Also not sure if you read on facebook but I found the hood to the coat and I have more clothes for the boys.

We witness a miracle every time a child enters into life; but those who make their journey home across time and miles, growing within the hearts of those who wait to love them,are carried on the wings of destiny; and placed among us by God's very own hands. --Kristi Larson