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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Well THAT went well...

{Warning this contains graphic (yet realistic) descriptions of stomach contents}

Yesterday we decided to take a little road trip. We needed to go to Wal-Mart and get a few things and I had several things I needed to exchange and return which I had been putting off until Phillip could come with me and watch the kids. Wesley hadn't been feeling well, but we couldn't really see anything wrong other than his face was very flushed and he had a bit of a fever. He said nothing hurt and he wanted to ride so we loaded the kiddos up and went to Wally World.

I had a chashier cheat me out of a $5 coupon last week on a Leapster game. (yes I'm a little bitter about it) I asked if it worked and took my $5 off the total and she told me yes it did. I got home and found out that no, she did not. So I took the receipt back up there with the coupon and asked for an adjustment. The lady in customer service refused because it wasn't the same day. She also refused to take back the broken Leapster that we got Wes for Christmas because I didn't put the CD for loading it onto the computer back in the box... Ugh. I had it, but who knew they'd want it back. The thing is broken. Anyways we'll be going back!

After that we rode around for a while to look at some stuff with Daddy and then we took the kids to Cracker Barrel. Wesley said he didn't want to eat (not even ice cream!), he wanted to go home. I should have known that when he says something like that, we should make a hasty retreat.

So we went into Cracker Barrel and noticed that Katya had flooded her diaper (we've put her back in diapers because of some issues but that's another post) so Daddy had to go change her in the van. I got a table with the boys and Wyatt promptly dumped Wesley's cup and sliverware in the floor. Why did they think it was a great idea to sit us in the table up front? Phillip said we were "The Show." As in Dinner and a Show... ha... ha...ha little did we know...

Daddy and Katya came back, we ordered our food and waited while the kids drained their chocolate milk. The food came, and we had just started eating when I heard a noise and saw Wes upchuck into his mac and cheese plate.

No, "Hey mom I feel sick" or "My stomach hurts!"

nope, just BLECH into the plate. Nice.

I started giggling. I mean REALLY? Our first dinner out with all three kids and this is how it goes?

So Phillip ran off with him to the bathroom in case that wasn't ALL of it. I flagged down a waitress and told her what happened. "My son just threw up and I need a trashcan." Her response? "For him?" I almost laughed again. Yeah sure I want to put my kid in the trashcan.

So another waitress comes over with a big tray and while I set the puke filled plate in there she says that something must be going around cause another little boy just stood up and threw up in the floor a little while ago.


Daddy and Wes came back and Wesley informed us that his maccaroni and cheese was mean to him and made his belly mad. Would it happen again? We said we hoped not.

As quickly as possible we ate dinner and went straight home. Poor Wes was burning up and feeling really bad by the time we got here so I gave him some medicine and put him to bed. I honestly expected everyone to wake up sick this morning because Wyatt was crying and saying he was sick too but everyone woke up all right today. Wes still doesn't feel well but the fever is gone and no more throwing up.

Phillip and were asking ourselves what is it about Cracker Barrel and Wes? About 4 1/2 years ago when Wes was 6 months old, Phillip had to go to training in Reading, PA for a week so Wes and I went with him. One night we went to Cracker Barrel and right in the middle of dinner, Wes made the world's largest poop that exploded out of his diaper and completely covered his carseat cover. I had to bathe him in the sink in the bathroom, put his clothes in a ziplock bag, and he had to ride back to the hotel with no seat cover.

I think he was eating mac & cheese that night too...

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Healy Family said...

being a mom is so wonderful sometimes! we have a hand towel we bought at IKEA after our daughter threw up in the bedding department and we used it to clean her up. it's a lovely yellow. :) glad everyone is well today!

We witness a miracle every time a child enters into life; but those who make their journey home across time and miles, growing within the hearts of those who wait to love them,are carried on the wings of destiny; and placed among us by God's very own hands. --Kristi Larson