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Thursday, March 3, 2011

AFOs and staples

Yesterday we went back to the Kluge Rehab Center to get Katya's AFOs. She had a therapy appointment at 4pm and her AFOs had just come in 2 days ago so I wanted her fitted with them before her appointment with the therapist. I knew she wouldn't be thrilled with having her feet stretched and put into braces so I bought her new Sketchers Twinkle Toes shoes to break out once we got into the fitting.

She started crying when we got into the room and she saw the guy who put the casts on her legs a few weeks ago. She really started squealing when he tried to put the AFOs on, so I brought out the shoes and the unhappy sqealing turned into "Ooooooh new shoos!" These particular shoes are hot pink, sparkly, glittery, and they light up. Once she saw those and we explained the braces went into the new shoes she gladly held her legs up and couldn't get them on quick enough.

Once she got into the AFOs she wanted to stand up and walk immediately. She was THRILLED that she could stand up and kept saying "Look at me, Mama! See stand up!" I almost cried.

Our translator came into orthodics and took us up to therapy. He was a super super nice guy. Katya started singing her "Bayoo Bayitchkoo" lulabye that she has sang since she came home, but has now forgotten most of and he started singing it with her! He knew the whole song :) I asked him what it was about and this is where it gets interesting. I thought it was soooo sweet she sang this song to her doll, but he said its a song about "Go to sleep, stay in your bed, don't fall off the edge or the big grey wolf will come and take you away."

REALLY!? No wonder she curls up in a ball in the middle of the bed!

Katya didn't say a whole lot to the translator. She seemed to understand him fine and would follow instructions in Russian when he asked her to do what the therapist wanted and he seemed to be able to calm her down and explain things so she didn't get upset this time. The therapist got Katya a walker and she got so excited over that thing. She stood right up with it and walked all over the room. We actually got to bring a walker home with us. It was one that someone had donated so we got it for free! Katya is THRILLED that we got her a new "kahlashka."

The translator explained to her that the AFOs were her new special shoes to help her walk like her brothers. He told her all of this in Russian and then explained to me what he said. He said that there really isn't a Russian word for "braces" so he told her they were special shoes.

On the way home in the van Katya pointed to her legs and said (in perfect English) "Look Mama, see special shoes!" What a smart little booger!

All in all we had a great appointment and Katya really did well. The therapist said she'll definitely be walking on her own before too long since she was so determined to get up and use her legs with the AFOs right away.

And here is where you'd think the day would end. We went to Phillip's parents to pick up the boys and head home, but when we got there I found out Wyatt had hurt his head.

He had a huge gash in the the back of his head that obviously needed stitches. He and his brother had been playing outside and big brother had dropped something on his head. So I called our Dr. office since they have a Dr. on call for stuff like this. I thought I'd just head up to the office and have his head stitched, but when Phillip talked to the Dr. (our Drs. assitant) she didn't want to come in and do it. She said because Wyatt is 2 he wouldn't hold still for her to stitch his head. Phillip could hear the bleep from a cashier ringing stuff up and people talking in a store. Gimme a break!

I had to take Wy to the ER which I hate to do because they charge 3 times the amount the DR. office does. Fortunately no one else was there when I walked in and they took him right back, applied numbing gel to his scalp, gave him 4 shots of novacain and stapled his head closed. It took ONE Dr. and ONE nurse to hold him still. I didn't even do anything. We got home after 9pm and Wyatt was ok till the novacain wore off around 2am. Not a great night but he's fine now with tylenol. Poor guy. 10 days and we'll go back to have them removed.

This morning I called and set us up with a new Dr. office that is 20 miles closer to our house and hopefully more accomodating. If this was the only thing our Dr. office had done to tick me off it would be no big deal I guess, but they lost Katya's paperwork last week after I called to verify it was there and then tried to tell me that it never got sent... Ummm yeah. They also sent me a past due bill for her and said that they didn't have insurance information for her yet. Also not true. We gave them the insurance card (that is the SAME one for everyone else on file) at her visit and told them to bill it. They told me to hold onto the bill when I got it from them cause they'd have to submit it twice since she wasn't on the insurance at the time of the visit... Nice.

I love our Dr. and was willing to drive the extra miles to see him, but we never get to see him, his assitant won't see our kids when she's on call and the staff is incompetent.

---This is the end of my Dr. office rant--

Well that's my update for now. I'll post pictures of Katya in her AFOs as soon as I have some more time. She LOVES them and was upset that she couldn't sleep in them last night.

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