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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


One thing that we didn't tell most people about when we were right at the very end of our paperchase and dossier submission was that Phillip was offered a new job. We really wanted him to be able to work closer to home and be able to work fewer hours but we questioned whether or not it was really a good idea to change jobs right before we left for 6 weeks in Ukraine.

He was selected out of something like 80 other candidates and accepted the job because it really had just fallen right into our lap and we felt like God really meant it to be.

It also meant that he'd have to ask for time off in order for us to go to Ukraine. He'd already been approved for 6 weeks of FMLA at his other job and that was hard to walk away from! You have to work at a job for at least 6 months before being eligible for FMLA paid leave and we knew he wouldn't have time to qualify for that and there was no guarantee he'd even be allowed unpaid leave.

We really worried about asking for all of that time off right after he'd just been hired, and he put off asking until we got our SDA appointment which ended up being quite a bit earlier than we expected; but when he did, the people who had to approve his leave just said, "Take as long as you need, your job will be here when you come back."

We knew it was God but yesterday we found out just how much.

Of the three people who had to approve his leave of absence, one has a husband who is adopted and the other two are adoptive parents themselves. One had even adopted from Eastern Europe.

Coincidence?  I think not.  Really what are the chances??

It just confirms once again for us that all God was waiting for was us to say "Yes." He took care of the rest. I have no doubt that Phillip would never have been offered the job he has now (that is WONDERFUL) instead of the super stressful one he had just a few months before we left for Ukraine. The job was one of the things we worried about with all of the adjustments we knew we'd have once we came home but we didn't wait to find "The perfect job" before we committed to adopting. In this economy we felt we were lucky that Phillip still had a job, but now he not only has a job but one that lets him work 10-20 fewer hours a week (yes I told you it was crazy!) and cut his mileage by 20 miles a day.

I encourage you that if there is something you are waiting for before you tell God "Yes" then maybe you should just take the leap :) Your life might just end up better than the one you're holding on to now!

Another unexpected benefit of Phillip switching jobs was that it freed up his retirement fund; that was something we hadn't even thought about. We had the option of rolling it over or cashing it in. Well, when you're short about 12K in cash 2 months before you leave for Ukraine, you can guess what we did! Some might call it foolish to use our retirement money like that, but what better investment than the life of a child?

All of these things just fell into place right when we needed them to, and all because we said "Yes" despite not knowing HOW.


Healy Family said...

Good Heavens that's a wonderful story! Thank you for sharing and what an inspiration to say "Yes Lord!"

ErinL said...

"I encourage you that if there is something you are waiting for before you tell God "Yes" then maybe you should just take the leap :) Your life might just end up better than the one you're holding on to now!".....I just want you to know that the timing of this was not a coincidence and I think God might have spoken directly to me through this. Only time will tell....now stop writing things that will cause me to alter all of my nice laid out life plans ;)!!!!!

We witness a miracle every time a child enters into life; but those who make their journey home across time and miles, growing within the hearts of those who wait to love them,are carried on the wings of destiny; and placed among us by God's very own hands. --Kristi Larson