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Thursday, April 28, 2011

I can't wait

As I've posted about before, we've been trying since we came home to get Mariah evaluated by the school system here to see if she will qualify for therapy.  We've had a bit of a difficult time and finally had a meeting with the local school last month to discuss when we'd be setting up appointments for her to be evaluated.

Yesterday I got a letter saying that they had completed all of their evaluations and were ready to have a meeting on May 9th to dicuss whether she qualified for an IEP.

Hmmm.... that's news to me because we haven't had any appointments yet.  2 are scheduled.  One AFTER the meeting at school to discuss their findings.  I'm calling about this meeting today because that just confuses me.

A social worker from the school called Phillip yesterday to set up a time to come to our house and "See if our home environment is what's causing our daughter's developmental delays."  Yes.  She took THAT tone with him.  The only reason the school even knows Mariah has developmental delays is because WE told them.  No one from the school has actually even determined that.  The Drs. at Kluges Children's Rehab Center have determined that she does, but the school is going off of what WE told them.

I don't suppose being born at 29 weeks could cause a problem like that?

Or being in an orphanage for 4 1/3 years?

Or having cerebral pasly and having to wear AFOs and use a walker?

Oh no, WE must be the reason. 

I can't wait for her to call me today and set up her evaluation. 

We've been through every background check and home safety check there is.  Assess away. 
I won't even bother with the crazy deep cleaning I did for our homestudy social worker.

We are good parents and if anyone wants to know why Mariah has developmental delays, they can go jump on a plane to where she was born and see what people there have to say about it.


ErinL said...

You have GOT to be kidding me! She obviously knows NOTHING about children much less children raised in an orphanage. Incredible.

Mama of 3 said...

Isn't it though? Either that or she didn't take the time to read Mariah's info and just assumed that we are the reason she is delayed. I don't mind explaining things to people but to be accused outright of causing the problem when you are seeking a way to correct it is really making me angry. Perhaps it was just an oversight, but its not an acceptable one.

Winnie said...

me thinks your dealing with a very small school system with very limited funding and even more limited minds.

We witness a miracle every time a child enters into life; but those who make their journey home across time and miles, growing within the hearts of those who wait to love them,are carried on the wings of destiny; and placed among us by God's very own hands. --Kristi Larson