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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Where oh where can it be?

We STILL have not gotten our tax refund. We were really counting on that money to pay back loans and to pay for Mariah's medical expenses. I have bills sitting here, Uncle Sam. Hospitals want their money, ya know? I called them and explained that I was waiting on YOU, but they still want at least some of it...

Speaking of Hospitals, I just have to say that when I received the ER bills for the 5 staples Wyatt got in his head last month, I about fell over. Over $1,000 in charges! :-X We were charged for "surgery." Totally not cool, and that's why I hate going to an ER. Another reason I need you to send our money back, Uncle Sam! Fortunately insurance "negotiated" some of the costs, and paid some of it, so we were left with a more managable (cough cough) amount. Next time I might just whip out the swingline and do the job myself! (Totally kidding here!)

We have another visit to the Kluge Children's Rebab Center coming up next week (hint hint Uncle Sam). Mariah is going to see several specialist who specialize in working with kids who have CP. I'm excited and nervous because I want to help her as much as we can, but worry what exactly that might mean. Mariah is getting pretty fast in her walker. She likes to try to run in it and chase her brothers. I keep reminding her to put her feet down with each step so she can work on strengthening the correct muscles that are used for *REAL* walking. She has NO glutes and that makes it hard for her to pick her feet up if she's not holding onto something. Before we brought her home, she had NEVER walked. She held people's hands and kind of tippy toed around sometimes, but never really walking. So, we realize that its going to take some time for her to build up those muscles.

At the CP clinic next week, I am going to get a prescription (who knew you needed that?) for physical therapy so we can start therapy with a local therapist soon. Mariah still completely freaks out sometimes when we try to stretch, but it is getting better. She seems the least upset over me helping her stretch vs. Phillip. A therapist at Kluges tried to just get a feel for how flexible she was, but Mariah tenses up the instant someone touches her so its pretty much useless to try to determine anything that way. I think sometimes she thinks that we'll be angry with her if she doesn't do what we want so she tries to do it but is just completely scared so she's still tense...

(When she gets in an uncomfortable social situation {for her} she always points to us and says, "My mama" or "My Papa" like she is afraid we won't be anymore. She did this at the meeting we had with our local school about having her evaluated. A bunch of adults having a meeting about her around a table in a small room that looked a lot like the orphanage director's office probably made her wonder what was going on. She was very quiet the entire time and seemed very relieved when we left. My boys were VERY un-quiet and I was relieved when we left LOL)

She really wants to walk and she very much wants to please us so I think with time, we'll be able to really accomplish a lot with her. Adjusting is hard though and she hasn't been here with us long enough for this to feel like "home" yet. When I think of the things she had to give up, I think that must be the hardest. To give up that feeling of "home"; knowing where everything is, who everyone is, and what's going on around you. Even if it wasn't an ideal environment, it was HER environment and she completely lost that. So, since she has the rest of her life left to work on therapy, we're trying to get her to feel more comfortable with us and understand that we love her and always will no matter what she does before we really try to push her physically.

BTW - other adoptive mommies out there, or other mommies in general. Ringworm... anyone had trouble getting rid of this in kiddos? I've got the standard antifungal cream our Dr. recommended but umm... I think it ought to look at least a little better after a week. Not sure where my kid got ringworm from since we do not have cats or dogs, but I just want it gone!

Oh and another question for those who are experienced in having their kids received therapy from the public schools... We were told that Mariah has to be found delayed in cognative or developmental areas before she can even be evaluated for physical or occupational therapy. I think I am saying this correctly, that it is the law. So basically a child who is cognitively normal but needs physical therapy will not be able to get it through the school system... ? Mariah is definitely developmentally delayed in areas, and a few things make me wonder if there are some other underlying issues, but for the most part I think she is cognitively normal and will eventually perform on grade level if not above. Just curious how this might play out and what others in this situation have done :)


Ellen Stumbo said...

"Wright's Law:From Emotions to Advocacy" 3rd edition. And there is an IEP Question and Answer book from Wright as well.
She is delayed, yes, she will catch up, but right now she is delayed. AND, of course she qualifies even if it is only PT and OT! If she is enrolled in school she qualifies, especially when she is not able to perform like her typical peers.
But got hose books, they will clear up a lot of questions on services and IEP's and such!

Mama of 3 said...

Ok, I will find those books on amazon ASAP :) Thanks!

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