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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hot AFOs

anyone have some great tips for keeping little feet in DAFOs coooler in this hot, humid southern weather?
I am trying to find out if they make sock liners (goes over the afo instead of the foot) for the type of afos Mariah wears.


Winnie said...

Yeah, I was wondering the same thing since Igor is now in SMO's. I don't think you want the sock over the plastic as it seems the sock adds a layer of protection from pressure sores etc.

A HS friend said she always made sure her kids were in mesh tennis shoes instead of leather which allowed them to breathe more. I wonder about those lace-up water shoes Lands End has? hmmmmm big air/water holes but not quite a sandal.

Maybe just make a point to take them off sometime in the middle of the day for a little while when she's settled down for eating/watching TV to dry out some and put on clean socks. Probably wouldn't hurt to get two pair of shoes so one can dry out totally between wearings. I'm thinking I need to get another pair of shoes for Igor.

You got any tips for cleaning the things? Yuck! The padding is crusted with dirt and no amount of scrubbing gets them nice and clean anymore, and they are only a month or so old.

Mama of 3 said...

Mariah's look pretty rough too as far as how dirty she manages to get them. We wipe them with alcohol soaked papertowels and if they get really dirty we wash them in the sink. The guy who fitted them said its amazing what they look like once kids are done with them lol

I didn't think about those shoes from Lands End. I have to take the insoles out of Mariah's shoes to make the AFO fit and they have to be wide enough to accomodate the whole brace, but those water shoes are...

The shoes themselves don't get sweaty. Her feet are encased in the AFO and they will get really sweaty. Tennis shoes help, but I wouldn't want to have sweaty feet all summer... We do take them off at naptime so she goes about 3 hours without them at least each day.

Becky said...

I have yet to figure that out, other than wearing cotton socks under them and her shoes are the mesh tops/sides and that helps. Also when she gets a break from them in the afternoon I change her socks before putting the AFO's back on. Its hard to keep her feet cool here in MN in the AFO's!

Kathleen said...

I am an adult who wears AFOs. I am most comfortable with some extra long socks, which I turn down over the velcro on the top. My socks are diabetic socks, so the tops of them are real meshy, and the bottoms are supposed to be liquid wicking. Maybe they make some diabetic socks for kids with diabetes? Having the top of my AFOs covered makes my legs feel much better than with the plastic against my skin. Good luck! She is precious.

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