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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Being given a chance

Today we went to the opthamologist to determine what's going on with M's eyes. 

The baby pic we saw of her at the SDA showed her with a severely inturned eye.  When we met her, it was noticeable but much better than the baby picture.  By the time we took her to the pediatrician once we were home, it was detectable but only by a professional or someone who knew what to look for.

After the first visit at the opthomologist, he sent us home with a symbol chart for M to learn the names of the shapes and symbols so she could say what she was seeing on the eye chart.  He told me her eye muscles were overactive and were causing a misalignment but we'd wait and see what she could really see after she learned English better and knew the names of the pictures on the chart.

Today, she sounded off like a pro.  "Telephone" "Chicken" "Man on a Horse" "Glove"

She read all the way to the 20/40 line with one eye and the 20/50 line with another. 

The Dr. was clearly surprised she could see so well.   He told me that about 90% of kids with CP need corrective lenses.

She does have a weak eye and needs to patch to make it stronger, but that's no biggie.  She will also need a minor surgery to relax her overactive eye muscles.  It won't be a big deal and will take about 30 minutes.  The Dr. doesn't want to do that right now anyways as we're going back in a month to see how succuessful patching is.

We also went to the orthotics dept at Kluges today to have her AFOs looked at.  She has been fussin' that the backs of her legs hurt.  Well, it turns out that when you gain weight and actually grow some muscles, your AFOs get tight.  Thankfully the guy was able to re-heat them and flare the backs out away from her legs some so that they are nice and comfortable again. 

He also told me that Mariah would probably be a good candidate for a brace with a hinge in it which would allow her more range of movement in her ankles.  Right now its like she doesn't have an ankle joint because of the solid brace.  She needs the support, but she has improved SO SO much in the past 4 months of wearing her AFOs that she may actually get the hinged braces before Christmas.

No glasses and hinged AFOs so she can walk with a more natural gait. 


Are we talking about MY M?

This is the same child who couldn't sit up without falling over on a couch.  She couldn't sit up on the floor AT ALL.  She had never stood up on her own.  Ever.  She couldn't walk.  She felt like a board when you picked her up.  We had to pry her legs apart just so she could sit on a toilet or to put her carseat belt on. 

Just a few months ago I was told she may NEVER walk on her own.  Now she is taking up to 20 steps at a time ALL.BY.HERSELF.

If I'd had time to sit and think over all of the "What ifs" and all of the medical lables that M had attached to her in Ukraine, I might not have been strong enough to say yes.  I'll be honest.  Adoption isn't easy.  It makes faith a verb.  But just LOOK at her now! 

Adoption is such a great picture of salvation.  I never understood just how much God loved me until we adopted Mariah.  Adoption isn't for everyone, I know... but if you don't, oh you are so missing out on understanding the fullness of what God did for us. 

He gave us a new life.  What are you doing with yours?

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We witness a miracle every time a child enters into life; but those who make their journey home across time and miles, growing within the hearts of those who wait to love them,are carried on the wings of destiny; and placed among us by God's very own hands. --Kristi Larson