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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ukraine Time

I bet you didn't know that time passes at a slower rate in Ukraine. Its true. Two, three, even four days can go by in the U.S. while in Ukraine its only been one. Ok... so not really but it feels like it when you're there and it really feels like it when you are trying to get something done in a timely fashion.

Ukraine will speed up for an expediting fee but waits for no one when it decide to do something.

When we were waiting for our second SDA appointment, we tried to update our clearance for older children. We contacted our social worker who (finally) agreed to approve us for up to 7 years old. Our facilitator had to get the paperwork translated and notarized in Ukraine before the SDA would accept it. The paperwork got FedExed but no one at our agency sent us the tracking number.

They forgot.

Ukraine is 7 hours ahead of EST. Our agency finally sent us the tracking number after we had our second SDA appointment where the paperwork was refused because our facilitator hadn't had time to get it translated and notarized because he had no idea when it was being delivered thanks to no tracking number. After having to wait 8 months from when we submitted our homestudy to the day we got to sit in that office, we were down to a few hours and no tracking number. Such is life in Ukraine!

(of course this ultimately led to us adopting Mariah so I'm not necessarily complaining!)

Our facilitator operates well on this slower time. I'll email him a question and four days later he'll get back to me. I'll hammer off another email within 10 minutes of receiving his and not hear back for another 4 days or so.

It drives me nuts.

We just move at a faster pace here in the U.S. Some call it breakneck.

We expect things instantly. We expect do-overs.

I am currently waiting to hear back from him about something rather important and as usual, he'll probably email me back once he'd done it instead of letting me know he's doing it.

Its just the way Ukrainians are. I know this, but here I sit at the computer willing my inbox to produce an email from him and remembering radom events that happened while we were in Ukraine that really have nothing to do with what I'm worrying about now.

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