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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

50% more calories?

I just read a blog post by someone else with a CP kid that stated that CP kids need 50% more calories than regular kids becaue their muscles work so hard from being spastic.  Is this true? 

Not a single Dr. ever mentioned this.  Mariah was by far the most malnourished looking kid in the orphanage and we wondered why the other kids looked like they ate more than she did.  She eats super slow... so maybe that's why.  She had no appetite when she came home either.  But if she is burning more calories AND not getting enough to eat, well that would explain things.

She is really underweight for her age even though she has gained 3 1/2lbs since coming home.  She only weighs 29 1/2 lbs at nearly 5 years old.

She also takes Isoniazid that requires her not to eat for a 3 hour period.  If she needs more calories, I would have NOT started her on that right away like we did in order to pump her full of calories all day.

Becky, Erin, Ellen, do you guys give your kids with CP more calories?  I try to give her extra anyways so she can gain weight but its hard to get her to eat sometimes.  We saw several doctors who never even seemed concerned about how underweight she was let alone tell me to feed her more because of her CP... ??


Healy Family said...

Erin, we did not wait 3 hours for the antibiotic - our girls took the same one for 9 months for the Tb and no instructions came like that. The girls took theirs at breakfast. Did your rx come with those specific directions?

Mama of 3 said...

Yes that's what the script says. I even called about it cause I thought it excessive. It says no food 1 hour before or 2 hours after taking the pill. The pharmacist tried to say that you only have to do one or the other... but that didn't make sense. They said food affects the absorbtion??

Ellen Stumbo said...

I responde on FB but we do give NIna extra calories, not because of CP but because of Nina. She has been diagnosed with failure to thrive and CP does not help make things better. Nina gest carnation instant breakfast every morning.
If your doctor has not mentioned this, it must not be an issue since she is gaining weight. What I would do is ask if you should increse her calories with pediasure or carnation. It won't hurt, but only help :)

Ruby said...

My son doesn't have CP, but has obviously needed more calories than your average kid. I've found a lot of ways to "add" extra calories. Such as Carnation Instant Breakfast (I'll add it to milk, or things like pudding... I get it at S*m's Cl*b because it is way cheaper there). Make smoothies (with CIB). Choose whole milk instead of other types. Put 2 pieces of cheese on sandwiches, or use cheese instead of bread on sandwiches. Peanut butter filled pretzels instead of regular ones. I always have "dips" for him to eat with his veggies (many times it is yogurt with Hidden Valley Ranch powder mixed in).

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