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Friday, July 22, 2011

Its a heat wave

Whew!  We have a heat index of 115 degrees today.  Its brutal! 

Here's a list of quick updates...

We've been sick.  Phillip is really sick with an inner ear issue and on several different meds.  If it doesn't resolve he has to go back to the Dr and we'll decide something from there.  Of course he's still working in the aforementioned heat.

Mariah spiked a scary temp of 103.7 and kept it with tylenol and ibuprofen for 24 hours before coming down to 101 for another day then finally close to normal today.

Wes is not sick. At all.
Wyatt wouldn't eat for a week.

I thought I was dying for about 12 hours but ended up with just a really sore throat and some nasal congestion.

The IRS seems to have decided to adjust the amount of our refund and sent us some papers to sign...  hopefully this is the light at the end of the tunnel. We really need that money.

Mariah's eyepatches that I ordered got lost.  This is cracking me up.  Ortopad makes these patches.  They are in Arizona.  Evidentially they have issues with using" mail innovations" for shipping to the East Coast.  They know this but use them still... well the package got misrouted somehow.  They say the postal service says the package is somewhere in VA but don't know where exactly.  So ortopad is overnighting a new order to me but if by some chance the post office delivers the other package first, they want me to refuse the overnighted one.  Really?  This was supposed to be simple...

Its supposed to be 100 degrees tomorrow as well and Wes has "baseball day" to finish out t-ball.  There is supposed to be ice cream but it will probably be slush cream in this heat lol! 

The kids and I spent the day inside doing crafts.  They had a lot of fun and silly me... I brought out the fabric paint and t-shirts cause glue, scissors, and paper wasn't enough.  Wes made a" birthday cake" on his shirt.  I suspect it MIGHT be dry by the time he has his next one.  He laid bottles of paint down and hit them with his fists to produce "fireworks."  I got stabbed in the eye with a paintbrush and Wyatt just rubbed piles of paint around on his shirt because the spider I painted for him was "too scary" so no more spider...  now when they want to wear these shirts in public I'll wonder what I was thinking all over again.  Well, except for Mariah's.  She was happy to direct me in painting her shirt. 

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