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Thursday, March 1, 2012


Poll:  who thinks I should make this permanent?

I have marks on my body from my pregnancies with the boys.  I have felt for a while like I wanted something to represent Mariah.   Something permanent that I can't just take off.  A butterfly seems very fitting. 

Betchya I finally get some comments from this.

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Winnie said...

I'll bite.

I'm not opposed to tattoos. However I wouldn't put it anywhere you couldn't easily cover it - even in a bathing suit. If your doing the tattoo for your own satisfaction it is not for public consumption (I doubt you show your stretch marks to people) Tattoos are more socially acceptable, however still have a thing about them paticularly in the business world and if you ever decide to work for a paycheck and taxes it has a negative image and many businesses will make you cover it up and if it's on your wrist/ankle you'll be sporting long sleeves or pants in July. Also you may totally HATE butterflies in 10 years and then what?

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

I would put it somewhere you could cover it up- just as your other "marks" can be :)
I have one tatoo- my own artwork, got it on my 18th bday and now, just as my mother said- I regret it.
BUT I dont necessarily dislike tatoos and have considered getting 3 matryoshka dolls in white ink ;)

Jefferson Hunt said...

Nah, not a tattoo. Let Mariah represent Mariah. Let her feel she is your permanent reminder of herself.

I know what you mean. I rarely get comments. It's like Christmas when I get one.

Becky said...

I have two tattoos, and will be getting at least one more to represent the family.
*I* like tattoos, but I'm not fond of them on the wrist like that. Maybe on your foot? I have one on my ankle, one on my lower (lower) abdomen.

I say go for it! If you like it, and its something that has meaning to you, then you should do it.

ErinL said...

Hey, hey, I comment on your blog! I didn't want to miss my chance to comment on this one :)! I like the butterfly but the location sounds PAINFUL! One of my friends has a tattoo of the American flag and the Ukrainian flag in hearts. You've probably seen that somewhere. I think they even have it on a shirt at Cafe press. I love the idea of a matroyshka doll! I asked Larry what he thought about me getting a matroyshka doll tattoo and lets just say his face said it all ;)!

Mama of 3 said...

I like the matroyshka doll idea!

I still really like the butterfly though... it represents her waking up and turning into something beautiful :) Not that she wasn't before, but the actual transformation. I was thinking of making it a Ukrainian colors butterfly... hmm...

and my husband thinks maybe I'm a bit nuts too!

My ankle, the back of my neck (my hair hides it) and the back of my shoulder are the other places I've thought of doing something.

Thanks for the comments!

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