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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Field Trip

Mariah and Wyatt go to the same preschool. They had a field trip to a local camp last week. This field trip included A LOT of walking! I thought it was a lot for typical 3 year olds, but Mariah did well even with her walker. It kind of made my heart hurt for her class to have such a physical outdoor field trip and no one thought about making accommodations for her. I guess we're in for a lifetime of figuring out ways for her to participate with other kids on trips like this. She so wants to be like everyone else and she had a lot of fun, but she told me how tired she was at the end of the day and said it was too much walking! I did call ahead of time to ask about the "hike" and was told that a stroller would NOT go on the trail. They were right; it would not have and even if we had a wheelchair, it would not have either. My husband took the day off to go with us since I was so worried about hauling 3 small children into a wooded trail, one who can't walk up a hill that's covered with sticks and tree roots. Its a good thing he did because he had to carry Mariah most of the way.

Here they are looking at pelts. The kids loved this and there was even a kangaroo pelt. Unfortunately, the pollen in the woods and the animal fur sent me into an allergic meltdown. I had to run back to the van for tissues with umm snot streaming down my face. I stopped and made use of some leaves a few times for fear of running into someone with my nose running to my chin. Fun right??

This is Mariah showing me the freshwater clams and asking if we could EAT them! Hahah!

This was a floating dock on a small pond. Mariah really wanted to walk all the way around it and she did :)

It was just a bit windy that day and the wind kept blowing our hair all over the place!

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