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Monday, August 6, 2012

Pics of our trip to NY

Yes, its been a long time since I updated my blog.  Sorry... having 4 kids seemed to just zap my "free" time.  So, this picture is of Wesley and I on a plane getting ready to fly up to JFK.  This would be right before he FREAKED out, slammed the window cover shut and declared that he did NOT want to go up in the air.  Umm... I thought he knew airplanes went in the air.  Then he crawled across my lap and claimed MY seat because he did not want to set near the window.  30 minutes into our 50 minute flight, he decided that he DID want to sit near the window so we seat swapped yet again.

After having culture shock at how large JFK was and learning how to use the Air Train to get to the location of my hotel shuttle and then waaaaaaiting for a reaaaaally long time for it to arrive we finally got to our hotel.  This is how they parked the cars.  I thought we were next to an autobody shop.  Nope.

Wes & I entertained ourselves by taking photos with my phone.  He found this SO hysterical that I had to quit because he was losing his mind.

After spending some time at Dulles with Wesley, boarding a plane, flying, landing, negotiating JFK, the Air Train, the hotel shuttle, the hotel, dinner, and bedtime; well lets just say I was realizing that in the morning I'd have to do it with TWO of them.  I guess I had my "oh geez what am I doing moment" halfway into the trip.

 Here is Mr. Wes holding our welcome sign.  He was all about holding that sign for at least 5 whole minutes.  Then it actually got dropped and left at a food booth that had chocolate donuts.  Thankfully, someone picked it up and put it on the counter for me to frantically grab 20 minutes later.

What's this?  Oh you know... just some thunderheads building into MASSIVE SEVERE thunderstorms that will strike exactly at the time our flight departs, but who needs to know that now.

Here's Vitaliy a few minutes after I got him at international arrivals.  He held it together until we got on the Air Train to our terminal and then he started crying.  I cannot imagine how scary it is to come to a different country all by yourself.  I was scared to death when we landed in Ukraine and I was a 25 year old adult with my husband my side.

Fortunately once we got to our terminal, I pulled out lots of crafts.  They were a lifesaver cause as it turns out.... we didn't get to leave for a loooooonnnnnngggggg time.
Yay!  Legos are fun! 
Yep, that is our terminal seemingly being struck with lightening.  It went on like this for hours.  We were supposed to depart at 4:35pm.  Ya, that didn't happen.
Vitaliy had been traveling by train from his orphanage for 7 hours.  Then by plane to Moscow for another couple of hours.  Then a non-stop flight from Moscow to JFK.  He was so done. 
 Once he went to sleep around 5pm, he never really woke up.  I carried him onto our plane at 9:45pm and off of it at Dulles around 11pm and into our van.  He never really woke up until the next morning around 11am when I woke him.

I have lots more photos!  We are having a really fun time with Vitaliy but I am not used to 4 kids, and three of them are super energetic little boys so I have been occupied.  I promise to try to update with all the fun we've been having. 

Next up: Dental Fun.  
*yes, I am being sarcastic.  It was not fun at all.

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Love all the pictures and am so happy we are facebook friends! Look forward to having you write some guest blogs for our site :)

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