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Monday, October 29, 2012

Frankenstorm, Premie Growth Project, and CP Clinic!

Today I braved the beginnings of Frankenstorm and drove Mariah an hour to her appointment at the CP clinic. Her Dr. looked her over, watched her walk, and then stood there scratching his head. See, her right side is more affected. The last time we were there 4 months ago, his words to me were, "Her long term issue is going to be that tight right ankle." So, he wrote a script for her to get an articulated AFO to help her get her heel down when walking and to provide more support on that foot.

Today though, her right foot did.not.have.clonus. Try as he might, he could not get her muscles to react and spasm. He scratched his head (literally) and asked if we had done anything different. Why yes. We had! Remember The Premie Growth Project I posted about a few weeks ago? That's ALL we've done different.

 I explained it and he seemed quite intrigued. He thought *maybe* she had something going on with her hips that might explain the difference in her feet so he sent us to get an x-ray, but it came back immediately as perfect. He was standing there with the Premie Growth Project info he had just printed off under his arm.

We went to talk about PERCS surgery, but it turns out I wasn't just dreaming. The collodial mineral supplement IS WORKING. She is getting better! Even her Dr. said there is just no explanation for it. He really did scratch his head a lot while we were there! The words "It doesn't make sense." kept being uttered. "That's not typical."

 Her left medial hamstring is still tight and that is causing her trouble with walking, but since her right leg is so much better, we're going to wait 4 more months and see what happens. If its still an issue, we'll probably really look into PERCS for her because the girl wants to go places and do things!

 We got a script for an articulated AFO (up from an SMO) just like the one on her right foot because it has helped her SO darn MUCH with stability and a more even gait. She is almost running now. Her orthotist commented that he couldn't believe how fast she had gotten!

I couldn't believe that a Dr. took a supplement seriously, but then again, how could he not? He saw this child 4 months ago and had all of her measurements written down. Today was NOT the same child.

 Here she is with Mr. Dwayne getting casted for her new left side articulated AFO.
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