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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

D at the Dentist

Today I took D to the dentist.  He needs extensive work on all four quadrants of his mouth so they decided to do two today and two tomorrow.  After 50 minutes of drilling and filling on maaaany teeth, they extracted 2 molars, stitched his gum, packed him with gauze and told him "Good job."

Really, he did GREAT.  He was nervous and didn't really want to come, and didn't really want to have teeth pulled because I mean really WHO THE HECK does!?  But he sat right in the chair and did everything they asked him to.

I brought V with us because my husband's mom was watching the other 3 kids.  I wanted V to be able to tell D that it would be ok since he had all of his work done this summer (and because he cannot behave himself with anyone who doesn't rule with an iron fist).  Remember my little V had 4 teeth pulled all in one day?  He kept telling D that it wouldn't hurt then like a good brother got engrossed in the tv during most of the visit.

Thank you so much to everyone who donated to help us get this little guy's teeth fixed.  I received $465 in paypal donations that went directly to today's visit!  I came home and found 4 checks in my mailbox so they will be covering the work he has done tomorrow!  

D is doing just fine.  He seemed really worried that his face was numb for some time, but after it wore off he did what V did this summer.  He sat down at the table and ate the biggest meal he's had the entire time he's been here.  Proof that a stitched up gum doesn't even compare to the pain from rotten teeth.

I had to laugh that while I wasn't looking, V took my phone and snapped about 15 photos of the dentist, the tech, random things in the room, and his brother with things sticking out of his mouth.  I looked at my gallery and had some really funny awkward photos of the dentist being photographed.  Denis took my phone before they started working on him and took pictures of the sink, the light, the dentist tools, the chair, and many other random things in the room.  They are such silly boys.  They think I need to buy them a phone too.  

NO, I will not look at you because I really do not want to be here!
Dude, they took my teeth!  Where are they?
You can count on your brother to take mom's phone and snap a photo of you with things screwed to your teeth.


Reginald Cooper said...

Maybe Dennis would want to be a dentist someday, and that’s why he was taking photos of the entire room. A little inspiration for his future clinic maybe. ^_^ He’s a tough kid to have tolerated two molar extractions in one day.

Reginald Cooper

Thanh Arnett said...

Tough kid, indeed, isn’t he, Reginald? ^___^ Seeing how comfortable he is in that chair, I would say that Dennis is braver than some adults who are afraid of going for a little visit to the dentist. When’s his next appointment with his dentist? I would love to read a blog about that as well!

Thanh Arnett

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