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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Summer Vacation Plans

There comes a time in your life when you go back and forth with God.  You try to tell Him all the reasons you cannot, but in your heart you know that if He really wants you to do this; He will take care of those things so your argument is pointless.

Then you try to talk yourself INTO it...  and you realize somewhere in the middle of it that what has really happened to you is that your heart's desire has changed; it has aligned with God wanted you to do all along, and there is no way you could even talk yourself OUT.

So you tell God, "Ok, I'm in, but there are TWO of us that have to agree if this is going to work and I am NOT going to beg him for this."

Then your husband looks at you and says, "I really don't know how we are going to do it, but I don't know how we can't."

Your kids look at you and ask, "WHEN are you going to start working on those papers so you can go get them so they can stay forever?"

And that my friends, is how a person ends up making a slideshow to put on you.tube to announce that they are not just "exercising" their faith muscle; they signed it up for P90X.

Our adoption of Mariah, her medical expenses upon arriving home, and then hosting our boys two times has beyond wiped out our finances, so every.single.penny. of this will have to come directly from God.

I find peace in that somehow because it means that we canNOT do this on our own.  
Not even a little bit.  

God is going to have to show Himself in a big way.

We will need a larger house, and a larger vehicle to accommodate 4 more children.

Oh and we will need a lot of money...
thousands and thousands.

My one condition in this was to tell God that at 27 years old I am too young to drive a 12 passenger van.  I just cannot drive something that hideous in my 20s, God.
Seven children?  Ok.
But please give me something cute or really beast to haul them around in?  Ok?
You are the God of heaven and earth and I know on top of everything else, you've got this too.

Will it be hard?  Yes.
I have no starry eyed fantasies this time.  I KNOW what we are in for.

Will it be worth it?  Absolutely. 

So, bring on the appliances breaking.

I need a new dishwasher anyways.  

This is once again an ADOPTION blog.

Times FOUR.

Cause that whole James 1:27 thing... we took it seriously.

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Thank you!


The McEacherns said...

YEAH. We're right there with ya!

Sarah Marie said...

Oh my gosh! Okay, so I read your blog a lot when you guys were going through everything with Mariah's adoption but I cannot even express how excited I am for you and your family because I know -- I KNOW -- that God will do amazing things through this. Erin, you just made my day. :)

You'll make the van thing work for you, btw. Rock the big van look -- make mini van mom's jealous. ;)

Gary and Tina Bell said...

So excited for your guys. Can't wait to follow!


Jen said...

The 12 passenger van is the new porsche ... it is totally cool!!!!

cara said...

Nissan makes a nice looking large van, you should check it out. COngratulations and I will pray for you!

cara said...

Me again, what are the ages and sexes of the last two? just curious

Erica said...

YAHOO! I'm so excited for you guys and those boys!!!

Mama of 3 said...

Hey Cara,
I'm leaving their real names and ages off the blog for now... for obvious reasons ;-)

We witness a miracle every time a child enters into life; but those who make their journey home across time and miles, growing within the hearts of those who wait to love them,are carried on the wings of destiny; and placed among us by God's very own hands. --Kristi Larson