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Monday, April 15, 2013

FBI Fingerprint Drama

We have been trying to have our home study finished by this week.  We have our last social worker visit, and we were counting on our background clearances coming in so our social worker could wrap everything up and sign off on it and ship that bad boy off to USCIS.

Well, we got a call today from our agency and it was not good news.  The FBI sent our fingerprint cards back as unreadable.  I'm not sure what the deal was, but our local PD that has always done our fingerprints with a digital scanner called in a deputy who on that day, decided to use ink.  And he had us ink our own fingers and roll our own prints while he watched.  I was worried when we did it, but they looked ok to me...  turns out they weren't.  So after a month of waiting for our clearances we are back to square one.

I called at least 5 people trying to find someone to watch my kids so I could at least run out and get my prints re-done.  Nothing.  No one answered their phones.  No one called me back in time.  I cried...  this whole paper-chase is the equivalent of being pumped up on pregnancy hormones, let me tell ya.  Its even more heart wrenching this time around because we have MET our boys.  We have held them and loved them and sent them back.  Every teeny tiny little thing that costs us time just hurts my heart and causes alarms to start going off in my head, "If we can't finish this on time then we can't do *this* *this* or *this* on time either."  I was walking around the house talking myself out of sitting down to cry and might have kept muttering under my breath "Deal with it now and freak out later, Erin." over and over...

Sooo...we called the Police Department after my husband got home from work begging them to please let us come up there after normal fingerprinting hours so we could get our cards done and overnight them to our agency tomorrow.  Thankfully after waiting a little while, an officer was willing to do that for us so we jumped up from dinner and took all 3 kids to the police department to get our prints done.

They used the digital scanner again this time and printed the prints off on the cards so I am hopeful the FBI can use these!  The one thing I am worried about is that my husband actually tore a small piece of skin out of the pad of one of his fingertips at work today so his prints show a hole in that finger.  Ack!  Surely they can work around that, right?

Please pray with us that somehow our prints can be expedited.  We really don't have another month to spend waiting on them to come back...

We know that all things work together for good and that all things happen in God's time, BUT we also believe and have personally felt how strongly the devil will throw things at a family stepping out in faith.  We know God has this, but please pray for us.  We've been very blessed with some things like fundraising and a wonderful social worker, but really beaten down and discouraged in other ways at the same time.  Maybe in another post I will elaborate more on what adoption can cost a family and I'm not talking about the money.

We plan to overnight the cards in the morning to our agency and they will overnight them to the FBI.  Pray Pray Pray



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