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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Background Check Update

After talking to our home study agency today, who spent a lot of time on the phone with the State Police dept. that deals with background clearances, we found out that we needed to download a different form.  I found this out around 2pm today.  This form has all of the same info on it, but it has a different name (SP167 instead of SP230), requires us to sign our name twice and have it notarized.  Supposedly if all goes according to plan, the earth keeps orbiting the sun and the day of the week ends in "y" then these should be mailed directly back to us with a lovely notary stamp.

Ok. Whatever.  I'd backflip over a wildfire at this point to just be done.

My husband works for the power company and after working a full day yesterday, he got called out around 9pm last night because of storms, and didn't come home until 3am.  Then he took his morning off to carry most of our dossier an hour away to our state capitol for apostilles.  As soon as he arrived home at 11:30am, he went right back to work.

He is still working right now, but as soon as he gets off he will be driving our freshly notarized background check forms an hour away to leave with the guy on guard duty at the State Police building.  I was going to overnight the forms, but he said that he would feel better if he hand delivered them because we have had so many crazy things happen.  Our home study agency has a contact at the building that is supposed to hand carry these forms to where they are processed and ask them to expedite them for us.

I have been so stressed out today not knowing until well after lunch what it was that we even needed to do.  I appreciate my husband so much right now.  He loves our little boys too, and just like me; he'd backflip over a wildfire to get them.

and oh yeah, most of our dossier is now apostilled!  Woot!

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