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Thursday, June 20, 2013


Wow - what a few days it has been.  The only thing I can say is that God moved mountains for us.  Again.

I had a State Trooper (not from our state) contact me, offering to request that our clearances be expedited.  This person reads my blog (hi!) and reached out asking if we needed help.  I thought our agency had this.  They said they had a contact after all...  but as it turned out, we did need that extra push.  We had our new forms notarized Tuesday then my husband dropped them off at the State Police building with the night guard, who was evidently working night shift alone for a reason.  The person who was supposed to get them from the front desk first thing on Wednesday morning didn't show up for most of the morning, as I sat breathing into a brown paper bag.

To make a long story short, after several phone calls, someone picked up our forms and we were promised our clearances by today.  At 2pm this afternoon, I hadn't heard a word.  I got so full of nervous energy at one point that I decided to just go through the upstairs with a trash bag so I could take things to Goodwill.  Because I mean there is NEVER a bad time to just randomly de-clutter, right?    I don't even remember what's in the bag...

Anyways, our awesome new friend called the VA State Police and in less than an hour we got word that our clearances were being notarized!  How.awesome.is.that?

Phillip immediately drove the hour and 20 minutes to pick them up and was told, "Your wife must have made some phone calls."

Who me?

What can I say?  Don't make a dossier prepping mama desperate enough to send personal info to strangers she meets on the internet.

The other plan I was formulating in my mind was to load my 3 babies into the van, stop at Krispy Kreme on the way down and park ourselves in the lobby for the day, eating donuts.

What?  Who did you think they would be for??

So, yes the long and short of this convoluted story (sorry my brain is f.r.i.e.d.) is that we got our background clearances and tomorrow morning the remainder of our dossier will be apostilled.

Slava Bogu!  Praise God.  Thank you Jesus.  Amen!  Yes!

Goooooodbyeeeee paper hell!


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