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Monday, October 21, 2013

Boys' Wish List

I have had several people ask me before we left and while we've been here, "Do you need anything for the boys?"  The truth is that I needed many things, and because there are THREE boys in various stages of developments (one whom I hadn't even met!) I was just overwhelmed with what to say.  So, I started making a wish list on Amazon.

The biggest thing we had issues with during hosting was stuff.  My three children at home have *their* stuff.  They have toys, clothes, pictures on the wall, bedding, bikes, power wheels, pets, school supplies, plates, cups, etc.  They have stuff, much of it given to them by grandparents at Christmas and birthdays! My boys had nothing.  They came with a change of clothes.  Thanks to some very generous people that my husband works with, we were blessed with some clothing items, pajamas, bedding, some shoes, toothbrushes, medicine, and some school supplies.

What I still need now I have listed on this registry.  I know not everything is a "need" but when you bring new children home, you want them to feel like its THEIR HOME too.  Part of that is blessing them with the same toys and privileges the other children have or there are going to be issues with feeling left out.  The problem is, we have had 7 years, 5 years, and even with M nearly 3 years to give them things.  The boys noticed what our children had and realized that they had nothing.  Seriously, I've been to their orphanage; they have nothing.  They don't want stuff just to have it, they want things because they see its part of what it means to belong.  (we are careful with the "gimme gimme attitude. They do not and will not get everything they plead for!)

What we have found is that D is very athletic and artistic.  He likes to practice soccer, karate, or basketball just as much as he likes to sit down with modeling clay and sculpt or take videos with my camera.

V likes to play on the iPad, ride a bike, play Legos, and do craft projects with art supplies.

Little V likes to play with Play-Doh, color by number, pretend to build things with toy tools, play Legos, take pictures with my camera, and play outside.  He's had some sort of injury to his finger for several years and has learned how to NOT use several fingers on that hand because of it.  I actually think that playing on a tablet, using Play-Doh, and coloring are super OT type things for him to do.  I also need a bike for him.

This list has some things we still need for the boys.  We had counted on being able to bring back things we had sent over from hosting, but its looking like that isn't the case.  If you are interested in purchasing an item from the wish list, you can have it shipped to your house or to mine (just let me know so I can have a neighbor pick it up).   We appreciate so many people wanting to bless our new boys!


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