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Monday, December 16, 2013

An Update and pictures

First off, thanks to everyone who was praying for Wy.  He spent 2 days in the hospital and was released this morning.  His ultimate diagnosis was a scratch that got a secondary infection.  Somehow the scratch also got poison ivy in it.  Evidently he is horribly allergic to poison ivy and THAT is what was blistering his skin and spreading all over his body.  His pediatrician and the ER doctors thought he had MRSA or impetigo and placed him on isolation on the children's floor.  I do not usually panic because I can't stand not being able to think, but I spent some moments panicking.  
His culture finally came back this morning as strep.  He had a strep infection ON his ear which is probably why he had strep throat when I took him to the ER for his ear last week.  

In any case, he is on the mend now and this mama is SO relieved.

We also had an IEP meeting at school today for M.  Phillip went instead of me because I was still in the hospital with Wyatt.  I was supposed to go Christmas shopping with my brother today, but ... two weeks of Wy being sick and then hospitalized was totally unexpected.  I am exhausted and the other 5 kids (3 who have only been home a month) missed me.  Our bank account hasn't seen a paycheck since before we left for Ukraine and its not loving us either.  Phillip did great at the IEP meeting though.  
M will receive an extra OT session per week which I felt she needed, but didn't think they'd ever agree to.  Not being in compliance with her IEP while we were in Ukraine put them in a precarious position though.  Her IEP process has always been stressful, but I think everyone is on the same page now.  Having her private PT attend certainly helped.  

Over the next few weeks we will be trying to get ELL services for our new boys.  E also needs speech therapy.  I will be taking him to a private therapy center for an eval because his speech is truly a mess.  Little man has several things going on, but the most noticeable is his extremely garbled speech and inability to chew properly.  He also stomps and clomps around the house a lot, running into stuff, and the poor child has fallen down the steps at least 10 times.  Not even M who has CP falls down the steps.  We really can't figure out why he keeps doing it, but we've made him hold the rail and ascend or descend VERY SLOWLY.  His poor vision could be playing a part, but he really needs a more extensive evaluation by a professional so we can get him some help.  I don't buy the diagnosis we were told in Ukraine.  He's not intellectually disabled.  He just can't speak clearly.  In Ukraine though, they equate sounding "stupid" to "being stupid."  No one even thought to check his ears... which is what we are doing next.      

Two week ago we had a few family photos taken.
It was super important to have an updated picture of all of us.
Our family has been in the process of changing and growing with hosting 3 times over the past 1 1/2 years.  We've been together, apart, together, apart, and...
finally now, we are complete! 

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SammE said...

I'm relieved that Wyatt will be okay. What a scare for you! The family photos are precious. I was hoping to see one of you all together.
Many wishes for a happy safe holiday season, and a healthy wonderful 2014! samm in canada

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