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Friday, December 20, 2013

ELL, Child Study, IEPs - "after the airport"

So we've been home 5 weeks.  We're in the "after the airport" end of the honeymoon phase.  Everyone is adjusting to school and family life.  My new 3 are going to be getting ELL services at school, and while the school has had to get creative with how to give them the help they need, at this point I am pleased that everyone is working to support them.  There is only one ELL teacher in our county so the boys only get 30 minutes/week with her, but the rest of the school staff is working on ways to help them in "Read Well" and "Title 1."  Things didn't go smoothly at.all. with Mariah's IEP, so I was really anticipating more of the same BUT I have been pleasantly surprised so far.  That just makes me so happy.  There may need to be more tweaking a little later, and I will be the first one to step up and ask for more help if my child needs it, but I finally feel like maybe I can take a breath now.

This blog is like our family journal and I try to write things down so I don't forget them.  E has significant speech problems and possible hearing loss.  He also has significant vision problems.  He was given an unfair label in Ukraine because of how these things affected him, and I have made it my goal to make sure he gets what he needs here.  I also suspect APD or SPD, but that remains to be seen.

He is the sweetest little boy and has fit in so well with our family.

We also just had another IEP meeting for M and that went well, so I signed the paperwork to make it all "legal and binding" today.  She's having issues with the bus and people putting their stuff under her feet, and squishing her against the window.  That got put into the IEP as well though, so I hope to have it all taken care of.  The good thing about her is she totally knows what is supposed to be going on and she will tattle on anyone who doesn't do things the right way.  She is a great advocate for herself.

She also got sent to the principal's office for hitting kids on the bus.  I'm not sure HOW because she can hardly hit with her right arm and she's up against the window with her left... so yeah.  She said she did it though so she got sternly scolded and sent back to class.  I'm actually glad they did that because she tends to get away with a lot more than she should simply because she's "disabled."  M's mind is NOT disabled so she will use that to her advantage sometimes!

D had Polar Express Day today and to my surprise he wore his pajamas after being horrified I sent the little kids in theirs yesterday.

Today was early dismissal and the start of Christmas Break!  Yay!

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