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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Slava Ukraina!

Everyone should be watching the events in Kyiv as Ukrainians protest for their freedom.  

Four of my children are Ukrainian and American citizens.  

This country of our heart needs our support.  
They want to be independent and they won't let their government continue to oppress them and force them to join with Russia.  They want to be part of the EU.

Go to www.kyivpost.com for live updates.

This is the Euromaidan in English Facebook Page

This is important!  

Last night the Berkut (special forces police) tried to remove the peaceful protestors from Independence Square by force.  People were gassed, they were beaten.  People have been arrested and charged simply for protesting.  The live streaming at one point had a woman saying, "Europe do you hear us?  We want to be independent!  We don't want to go with Russia!  We know you can hear us!"  They are asking for the bank accounts of their corrupt politicians to be frozen because they have their money in foreign bank accounts.  They want sanctions on their president his political party leaders.  They are asking for him to resign so they can hold new elections because he is NOT listening to what his country wants.

Our government issued these statements:

“The United States expresses its disgust with the decision of Ukrainian authorities to meet the peaceful protest in Kyiv's Maidan Square with riot police…and batons, rather than with respect for democratic rights and human dignity, read the statement. “This response is neither acceptable nor does it befit a democracy.”

"As church bells ring tonight amidst the smoke in the streets of Kyiv, the United States stands with the people of Ukraine. They deserve better."

Our country fought for our freedom and overthrew an oppressive government in a revolution.  We should be the first ones standing in solidarity with the people of Ukraine.


and yes... I realize my kid held his flag upside down.  We will work on a re-take after school.

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