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Saturday, January 18, 2014

An ENT update

V and E had their ENT appointment last week.  After thinking that E must certainly have significant hearing loss because of his speech we took him to an International Adoption clinic after being home one week.  I was told at the IA clinic that they could SEE damage to his ears from untreated infections AND that he had enormous tonsils and probably needed them removed.

I was told that V also had REALLY big tonsils and they might even be the reason he seems small.  It turned out that after plotting his height and weight on the growth chart that he's not small.  He's perfectly average.  Its his "little" brother that is big and my bio son who is two years younger, but two inches taller that are big.  V is 50% for everything.  But they still left me with the impression that V would need his tonsils and adenoids out as well.

Soooo I've been giving them both lots of high quality vitamins and supplements as well as Thieves oil to try to boost their immune system.  Their blood work came back with most things ok, but showed that they clearly had a poor diet and were lacking protein.

When I took them to the ENT last week I thought that we'd be scheduling surgery.  Imagine my surprise when the doctor took one look at V and said, well he possibly has some allergies, but that's a fine looking boy.  Ummm....   evidently is tonsils are a "little larger than average" but its nothing to be concerned over.

E does have big tonsils, but not big enough to do anything about either.  They sent him for a hearing test but it came back most normal.  He has "very mild" hearing loss in one ear and they think that could be related to some fluid behind that ear drum.  We go back in 5 months to see if its improved but its is NOTHING that would affect his speech.

Monday we have a ST eval to see if they can pin point what's going on.  Its likely a low tone issue since we know its not his ears!  ST is new to me.  M does PT and OT, but we've never needed a ST.  This is new territory for me!  School is also going to be doing a ST eval with E at the end of the month to see what they can do to help him.  Hopefully we'll get our little man all figured out soon.

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MusicGirl23 said...

Prayers answered! Tonsillectomy is no laughing matter so I hope they continue not to need it.

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