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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

EuroMaidan - An SOS to the West


I have been going nuts on my Facebook page trying to make people aware of what is going on in Ukraine right now.  Things took a bad turn about a week after we arrived home with our boys.

My four adopted children are dual citizens.  They remain citizens of Ukraine.  This is their homeland.  I was born in the U.S. and love it like no other, but Ukraine is the country of my heart.  The people of Ukraine need us and I am not content to sit and be quiet any longer.

A quote today from one of their FB pages, begging for help,

"They are killing our people. Please. Help. Now. Call. Write. Demand sanctions!"


I want to post what will do the most good and not overwhelm people with info, so here are just a few links.

Here is a link to live updates of the protests going on in Kyiv right now.

Here is another link explaining a bit more.

Please go like the EuroMaidan in English Face.book page for more updates.

Photos of the violence.  We walked these streets just 10 weeks ago.

And now, this is probably what will potentially do the most good:

Please sign this petition to ask our President to impose sanctions on the government (not the people) of Ukraine.


and THIS

Please.  It will only take you 60 seconds.

Whether or not you have personal ties to Ukraine, JUSTICE matters to EVERY ONE of you. The Ukrainian people are PLEADING for the west to get involved. They are NOT asking for troops or money –they are asking for our government to impose sanctions and stand with them. A few visas have been revoked, but MUCH more needs to be done. 

I am URGING all of my friends to take a stand on behalf of the Ukrainian people who are literally FIGHTING FOR THEIR FREEDOM. Below, you will find a script that you can copy and paste to write your reps on behalf of the Ukrainian people. Send it to your House Reps and Senators, to the White House, and to the State Department. Just a few minutes. YOUR VOICE MATTERS!!!!

Send a letter to President Obama and VP Biden here

Senator Kerry and the State Dept. here  (try again if it doesn't work the first time)

Contact your Senator and Representatives here

Dear Senator __ or Representative __

Ukraine’s President Victor Yanukovych recently signed a series of laws that curb freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, the right to legal due process and freedom of association; severely curtailing civil liberties and political rights in Ukraine. 

The laws implemented are intended to shut down the Euromaidan protests, which have underscored the determination of the Ukrainian people to live in a free, just and democratic society. Rather than engaging in constructive dialogue with its citizens, the government is silencing these protests through repression, censorship, and intimidation.

The signing of the so-called "Dictatorship Laws" have transformed the country overnight into a police state that many experts have compared to Russia, Belarus and North Korea. Equally concern is the fact that on the same day the "dictatorship laws" were signed by the President, he fired the Commander of the Armed Forces, the Head of the Presidential Administration, and appointed over 70 new judges throughout Ukraine in an effort to consolidate control over the military and judiciary in addition to the legislative branch and the executive. 

I call on the government of the United States and its allies to impose SEVERE and IMMEDIATE sanctions against those who seek to strip the Ukrainian people of their freedom. I ask you to freeze the financial assets of those responsible for perpetuating the violations of human rights and freedoms in Ukraine. I ask that you warn Russia and its agents against any acts of interference in the events occurring in Ukraine. 

Please stand with me in complete solidarity with the people of Ukraine in their peaceful struggle to build a free and democratic nation. 


Slava Ukraiini!

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