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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Seven Weeks

We've been home SEVEN weeks today.  This is the longest amount of time we've ever had with any of the boys.  Over the course of hosting 3 times, we always had to send them back.  Well, we don't have to send them back anymore!!

This fact hasn't seemed to quite set in with V.  He keeps asking, "Nee mah Ukryina?"  Nope buddy.  You get to stay forever!  He also asks about his friends who are here now for hosting.  He wants them to stay forever too.  I can see how its confusing for a 9 year old.  He got to come and had to go back twice.  He watched his brother leave and come back once.  I think he just really can't believe that he gets to stay now :)

I was worried about having a rough adjustment after the initial honeymoon, but honestly the worst time we had with them was in Ukraine!  I think we all just wanted so desperately to go home.

Despite having quite a potty mouth, little E has melted into our family like he's always been here.  I'm not sure why he swears so much more than the other two.  Maybe they just figured out faster that I knew enough Ukrainian to know what they were saying.  D yelled at him tonight, "Dats not ok!" when he said a particularly not nice word so it will just take some time.  They all know we don't allow it.  Other than E's swearing though, he is a really sweet kid.  He is kind, happy to help, took to his chores like a fish in water, and tells me all the time that I make wonderful food.  He likes to give me kisses at night when I tuck him in.  Seriously a sweetheart that should have had a mama who loved him a long time ago.

V of course bonded so well the first time we hosted him that he's felt like mine for what seems like forever.  He's taken to blowing me air kisses every time he walks by.  He's adjusting well to school and likes his teacher.  He is the one I was most worried about (behavioral) in school, but his teacher is just really awesome and he works very hard to bring home things to show me.  I really couldn't ask for him to be trying any harder.  He so wants to please me.  He's still the wild one and always up in someone else's business, but he always feels so badly that he made me upset when he does something bad that I really can't stay mad at him long.  "I'm sawdy mammy" is something I hear a lot of from him.  "I lahhhave you!" is another.

D is definitely feeling more comfortable at home.  He's the oldest of his siblings and he's the oldest out of all of our kids so that didn't get disrupted.  He seems to have a bit of an ego about being oldest and bossing the younger ones around, but that is really the only "issue" we've had.  He also doesn't take really well to having to do chores or not always getting to watch what he wants to watch on TV, but a few words from Papa usually fixes that.  He is also being much more open with us.  Laughing, smiling, hugging, asking for "his turn" to tell me goodnight when I tuck the boys in.  "Mammy vatch dis!" is what I hear the most out of him.  Always trying to impress me :)

With all of the boys we've had a HUGE struggle with "THIS IS MINE MINE MINE MINE!  You no touch MINE MINE MINE MINE!"  and then they go grab something that is not theirs.  Um. No.

I had this happen today and was like, "Oh ok.  You told them to stay out of YOUR bed but you are now sitting in THEIR bed so guess what everyone gets to do in your bed?"  Oh that went over like a ton of bricks.

"Oh you want to play with M's beanbag?  Ok, she can play with your legos."  No no no me no vant dis!  Ummmhmmm... but you want to share, right?  You are playing with hers?  No no no me no play dis one.  

We also had a little issue with the chores.  I assigned each child a room or area of the house to keep clean.  They are also responsible for sorting their laundry and putting it away.  Well everyone was all about the chore list check-off sheet.  Ooooh yessss meeee!
Until this morning when I asked them to do it again because ya know chores have to be done more than once.  A certain oldest child said, "ME ALL DONE!" and I had to explain that he was ALL DONE yesterday, but it had to be done again today.  He threw his chore list on the floor and pouted.  So I did what any good mama would do.  I gave him extra.  When he finished I told him he did a good job and thanked him, then explained he'd have to do it again tomorrow *--*

The other 5 did a GREAT job helping clean up though and some of them even asked for extra because they just love me so much and are at the age where vacuuming and wiping things down with paper towels is fun.  Who am I to stop them?

So, that's a brief summary of our 7 week anniversary.  We're still over the moon happy we are finally home with all of them.  Some days it just doesn't feel real :)  Our lives are crazy.  At the end of the day I feel henpecked from all the "Maaaammmmaaa!! mamamamamamamamam!!" but its ok.  I know its only for a season.  Overall we're doing well.

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Michelle said...

That was a great update!

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