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Myckola Oleksandrovych Markov - 8/26/2003

Monday, March 31, 2014

My ELL students have an IEP (Involved Educated Parent)

How are ESOL Students Served in MCPS’ ESOL Program? 
Required Service Minutes 
Each ESOL student is assigned a minimum number of minutes for ESOL service according to grade level and proficiency level. The following chart outlines the required minutes of direct ESOL services a student must receive. Direct services are defined as an ESOL teacher providing direct ESOL instruction to ESOL students. This can be done in several types of ESOL program models (defined in section 4) such as a newcomer class, pull out, or content mainstreaming. Additional interventions, such as PALS, Title I, and in some cases Read 180, DO NOT count as direct services and MAY NOT be counted towards the minimum minute requirement. Minimum service minutes must be recorded on the caseload roster. Students who have refused ESOL services or opted out are indicated on the caseload by a state service code of 2. These students (levels 1-5) do not have required minutes of service on the caseload document. Grade Level Cluster 
Level 1 
Level 2 
Level 3 
Level 4 
Level 5 
150 min/wk 
150 min/wk 
150 min/wk 
150 min/wk 
150 min/wk 
Grades 1-4 
225 min/wk 
200 min/wk 
200 min/wk 
200 min/wk 
150 min/wk 
Grades 5-8 
300 min/wk 
225 min/wk 
200 min/wk 
200 min/wk 
150 min/wk 
Grades 9-12 
300 min/wk 
225 min/wk 
200 min/wk 
200 min/wk 
150 min/wk 

That's what a neighboring school district provides their ESL students.  Its actually less than another neighboring district that agreed to a lawsuit settlement with the Department of Justice.  They have to give Level 1 ESL students 4.5 hours/day of direct ESL services.

Want to guess what my kids are getting?

I was told they would get 30 minutes once a week.  "Its what the other ESL kids get."

My kids assessed at LEP Level 1. (The lowest level)  They are in 1st, 2nd, and 4th grade.  By this chart, they should each be getting 225 minutes/week of direct ESL instruction.  That does NOT count Title I or PALS, or Read Well intervention programs.

I thought 30 minutes a day was an absolute joke for kids who can't speak or read English.
Thirty minutes a WEEK is a crying shame that the school district should be ashamed of.
YES, SCHOOL DISTRICT, you should be crying in shame!

But it gets better.  The ESL teacher evidently hasn't even been giving my kids that 30 minutes.  Yes, many weeks she has just skipped their school completely.  The icing on the cake is that I wasn't told.  The cherry on top of the icing is that even when I found out, and requested records of WHEN she did actually see my kids, I didn't receive them.

I have goals.  I was made promises.  

I found out.  I raised hell.

Evidently I didn't raise ENOUGH hell because this past Friday, the ESL teacher skipped out on my kids.again.

So, the real question to be asked here is "What will make them pay attention?"  $$$$?

Its about to get real.

I didn't spend over a year of my life doing everything I could to travel around the world and make these three precious kids MINE so that the school district could pretend their language issues, special needs, and educational delays don't exist.  Sorry guys, you're screwing with the wrong mama,

 and its game on.


Due to our ongoing struggles with the school, we've decided that we either need to hire a lawyer or get an advocate.  I can't keep attending meetings for 5 kids where nothing is really accomplished.  My biggest issue is that even the administration seems clueless on how to teach ESL to level 1 LEP students.  I had 3 hours of meetings for 3 children in which NO ONE could answer a single question I had about ESL except to confirm that the ESL teacher had not been working with my kids as promised and that my kids weren't going to meet their ESL goals because no one had been working with them.

I've had to raise absolute hell and call the state board of education to get the school to evaluate "E" for speech.  As it turned out, he did indeed have a severe speech problem and is now receiving therapy 3X/week.  However, they wouldn't put anything into his IEP except for speech goals.  So, I requested complete evaluations for him, but that means the child study process has just been started and nothing will be in place to help him until next year.  I'm SO FRUSTRATED.  This kid needed extra help from day one and I SAID SO and asked for things and people just brushed me off.

The same thing for D.  He can't read in Ukrainian.  He can't read in English.  He can barely do 2nd grade math.  He's 11 years old.  I was very vocal about his delays.  WHY ARE WE NOT CONCERNED??  So, once again, "crazy mom" had to raise hell and demand meetings in which I insisted he be evaluated, but here we are at the end of March so nothing will be done to help him this year.      

M's IEP has been violated again, and this time she got injured on the school bus because of it.  This makes me question why I'm fighting to get IEP's for my other kids if they aren't even following hers.  I feel like its a constant game of trying to figure out what they might "forget" to do next.  Having your kid crying their eyes out at the bus stop because they were thrown out of their seat into the aisle because everyone decided the seatbelt requirement in the IEP is only for when its convenient is ya know... not cool.  She has CP and has had a stroke.  She doesn't need to be smashing her head around inside the bus.  This is just ONE of many many issues, but this was the last straw for me.

Soo...  does anyone have an advocate they recommend?  Wrightslaw wants me to read two books and compile dossiers on each child and THEN pay them hundreds of dollars to review it.  You can see why TIMES at least 3, this isn't feasible.

My other option is clicking a little "file a complaint" button.

I'm just weary of the constant struggle.  There are days that I feel like I put more time, effort, and tears into educating the school then they've put into trying to help my kids.  A few teachers are doing everything they can, but its not enough and its not their job.  The ESL teacher isn't even showing up many weeks so my boys aren't getting even ONE single ESL pull-out for weeks at a time when they should be getting at least 4 hours a day.

So, hit me up.  Its time for an advocate or a pro-bono lawyer.      


These finally came!  I have no idea who finally made the call to the SSA to make them issue these, but it finally happened.    

These are the absolute last piece of paperwork from our adoption.

Next we want to get the boys and M state issued birth certificates to avoid that always awkward moment of handing over a Ukrainian document.

D also wants a U.S. passport. Probably not a bad idea!

Never underestimate the ability of a mom to get things done. 

Last night we finally filed our taxes.... and somehow ended up owing the state money, but whatever.  Its done.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Two Years Ago I Saw THIS Face

Two Years ago I saw this face in a hosting listing.

The hosting director had been in Ukraine in March and met a few new kids.
This little guy was new to the orphanage.

My heart just stopped.  I knew at that moment that was my child.

We chose this face, prepared for weeks to host him, and then found out he was too young to get a visa!

We were devastated!  "My" boy couldn't come!

We went on to chose 2 other boys to host, and it was the craziest thing how they both ended up with paperwork issues preventing them from coming.  It was super frustrating!

The 3rd boy we chose was the last boy left on the listing, 2 weeks before arrivals.

Of course the last boy left was this face


Funny how things worked out.


Friday, March 28, 2014

World Vision - Why I'm Still Not Ok With the Response

This was yesterday.
D was home sick with a cold, so he Skyped his friends back at the orphanage.
With the time difference between UA and the USA, this usually isn't possible since he's in school.

Do you know what its like to see the faces of the kids that you saw every day for 5 1/2 weeks?  The ones that begged your facilitator to "Please find us a family like them."  It was Thursday.  That meant they hadn't had a bath for 6 days.  While my sons have spent the last 4 months learning English, getting dental work, and being loved like crazy, these kids have spent the last 4 months still without a family.

My son's best friend is still there.

To say it breaks my heart to see their faces and hear their voices really isn't enough.

Its heart ripping.

Throat clenching.

Tear swallowing.

Temple pounding.


Now take those emotions, wrap them up and stuff them down deep so you can just TELL SOMEONE what its like over there for those kids.  They just don't know, but once you tell them, they will surely want to help!

And here's where my problem with how people reacted to World Vision's Employment policy change starts.

We set out to adopt M 4 years ago.  After we got back with her, we were so devastated by what we'd seen.  The condition of her orphanage and the kids (babies!) still there just haunted us, so we desperately tried to raise money for them.  Just the condition she was in set us back.  At 4 years old she was 24lbs with a buzzed head that started growing in loads more hair after 4 months of good nutrition.

We've sat in a church full of straight, married, Bible believing, people who had all seen this little girl, and been told "No."  We don't have the budget for that.  Everyone has projects, and they are all great projects, but we can't advertise everyone's pet project or it will be chaos.

We've been told by a church full of straight, married, Bible believing people, "No."

We've been told by a church full of leaders that say they believe the Bible, "No you cannot post fliers in Sunday School rooms asking people to donate towards repairing the orphanage you adopted your daughter from."

We've been told by a pastor, "Having a raffle (in which people donate money in return for a ticket) for a Wii is like gambling.  If we advertise what you are doing to raise money for your daughter's former orphanage, we'd be encouraging people to gamble and THAT is a sin.  We'd rather you just asked people to straight donate." ( but we'd already been told "no" to that too)

Flash forward a few years to when we decided to host V the first time.  This little 7 year old boy walked off a plane and into our lives.  We thought, "WOW!  So this is orphan hosting.  Surely people will see him and realize they can do this too."

We brought him to church.  People saw him.  They saw us have to send him back when summer ended.  I wanted to share more info about orphan hosting, but was actually told by someone in leadership that, "People in this church just aren't ready for something like a hosting program."

As you can probably guess, we left that church.
Not all churches are like that.
Not all Christians are like that.
The church we attend now has welcomed us.

But my point is that when we were fundraising to adopt our boys, it wasn't our church full of heterosexual, married people that jumped in to help us.  We had thousands of dollars donated by people we don't even know.  I know for a fact that some of them were gay.  I know some of them were from our former church.  Some of them were indeed from our current church.  But most of those donations came from people I do not know at all.

I will be perfectly honest here.  We didn't have the money to adopt our boys.  We were desperate.  I mean the kind of desperation that brings to mind illegal activities known to pay well.  It was that kind of desperation.  Our kids were stuck on the other side of the world and we lacked the money to get them.  We didn't care where it came from.  We had hoped our church and our family would see our bleeding hearts and help us, but when we had to turn to publicly fundraising an impossible amount, we didn't care WHO helped us.  We didn't care what sexual orientation a person was that offered to donate items to our online auction.  We didn't care what sin a person had just committed before sharing our fundraising profile on Facebook.  I mean hello!?  I probably committed 20 sins by swearing under my breath at all the people who didn't care enough to help orphans!  We.did.not.care. WHO helped us.

What mattered was that they cared enough about our boys to help us go get them.

I posted this on FB yesterday.  Some agreed with me.  Some did not.

I'm dreaming of a day when Christians get riled up about things that really matter and do something crazy like empty the foster care system or end sex trafficking. Did you see church members refusing to watch the Super Bowl because its the #1 sex trafficking event in North America? Nope. 
So, people don't want to work alongside gay people to help feed children, but its ok to support an event (by watching and having Super Bowl parties) during which its well known that thousands of underage girls are sexually abused?
This is the line of thinking that happened yesterday. Did you know that working with a gay person doesn't make you gay?
If you've ever looked into the eyes of a child begging for a family then you will get why it doesn't matter WHO helps them. It just matters that someone does. People getting angry over WHO helps children instead of how many children there still are left to help are MISSING IT. Leave the changing of hearts to Jesus and just obey James 1:27 if you want to have pure and faultless religion.
We should be known by our love, not by our knee jerk reactions. And before I get flamed, I encourage you to consider how you'd feel if your child was stuck in an orphanage and your church that you had supported with tithes and offerings for years refused to support you in your efforts to get to them, BUT an openly gay person made a large donation to your adoption fund.
It happens.
A lot.
I'm super tired of hearing ultra-religious people drone on about what God says and how they believe ALL of the Bible, and then ignore His command to care for the fatherless. There are better ways to express your disagreement than by punishing a hungry child that you promised to feed. I really can't get over it. 

The reason I still have such a huge problem with how Christians reacted to World Vision's decision is this:

If I speak with human eloquence and angelic ecstasy but don't love, I'm nothing but the creaking of a rusty gate. If I speak God's Word with power, revealing all his mysteries and making everything plain as day, and if I have faith that says to a mountain, "Jump," and it jumps, but I don't love, I'm nothing. If I give everything I own to the poor and even go to the stake to be burned as a martyr, but I don't love, I've gotten nowhere. So, no matter what I say, what I believe, and what I do, I'm bankrupt without love. (1 Corinthians 13:1-7, The Message)

So when I see kids still sitting in orphanages, still asking for families, and I see Christians bragging on social media about how they can't support an organization that feeds starving kids because they might employ gay people...  well I think they missed the point.  Where is their love?  

I happen to totally support Biblical marriage, but there are other ways to tell an organization that you will be ending your sponsorship due to their policy change AFTER you fulfill your obligation to the child you took on.  

Do people really decide to quit feeding a child OUT OF LOVE?

So my point in all of this really is that I feel Christians have lost their credibility to share what Jesus really represents when they are only known for getting in the news by showing up in droves to eat Chicken Sandwiches and bragging about letting kids starve.  DO YOU SEE THE IRONY HERE?

My plea to the Christian community is to just STOP finding things to be angry at that don't matter.  Go visit an orphanage and be pissed off enough that the kids are hungry and fatherless to work with ANYONE willing to help you help them.  What I have found is that the most generous people are often NOT in a church.  After all, the point of story of The Good Samaritan was that the answer to "Who is my neighbor that I should love as myself?" is whoever stops to help, no matter what lifestyle they live.  Let Jesus be in the business of changing hearts.  


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

So Which Ones are Brothers?

Yes, I get asked this. A lot.
I'm assuming because its hard to tell "the adopted ones."
Other versions include,
Which ones are adopted?
"Are they all related?"
"Were they all brothers in Ukraine?"
"Do they all have the same father/mother?"
Answers are:
All of them are brothers. They are all my kids.
I forget.
Yes, you are speaking with them now or "none of your business!" Depending on my mood ;-)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

A %#)@#_! of a week.

Its been a craptastic week from you know where to say the least.

However, at the end of it E was finally found to have severe (no surprise to me of course!!) speech problems that qualifies him for speech therapy 3X week at school.  At least one of those times will be 1/1.  I probably could have pushed for 4X/week given how they've dragged it all out while making my baby who can't even chew his food correctly just wait and wait while his paperwork sat, but I digress.  The Ukrainian translator said that he could only understand 50% of what E was saying to him (in his native language!) and this was in a 1/1 setting.  I KNEW it was bad.  Even I didn't realize it was quite that bad.  Now add in his accent and broken English and you are starting to get the picture of what its like for him at school.  His teacher clearly indicated (a month ago) that his speech impedes all areas of instruction and communication in the classroom as well as clearly frustrating him.

The Social Security Office called to say that our boys will all be issued social security numbers on Monday and the office administrator apologized for the delay.

On Monday I have meetings for D and V to start the Child Study process at school.  E's IEP will be written to start services for speech therapy.

I don't even want to go into what I had to do in order to make all of this happen.  I'll suffice it to say that it pays to do research and know the ESL and Special Needs laws (and lawsuits) in your state.

I got up this morning to D giving me a confetti cannon he made me out of a paper towel tube and loads of construction paper bits that he spent hours cutting.  He wrote "D love Mama" on it.

That's why I do it people.  That's why I do it.

And if you can please say some prayers for W.  His little pet duck disappeared and he is heartbroken.  We're hoping she'll just show up... but I am diligently searching for a replacement Ducky.
Its so sad :(  I can't stand to see my babies hurting when I can't fix it.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Leprechaun Trap

V spent a good part of the evening yesterday building this. I had noooo idea what it was because he would say, "Please mom me dis one box and me *chick chick chick." Uhhhhohhhkaaay.... you can have the box...

This morning it finally clicked for me as he said he was taking it to school and demonstrated how its a trap with candy as bait.

And its good to know that E's reflective strips on his backpack work just as promised by Lands End. Wowzers.

Monday, March 17, 2014


Do you ever have a teacher that you love so much that you start getting sad when you realize that school is coming to an end?  I know I complain about our school system a lot, but that's the "system." Some of my kids' teachers have been great.  One in particular has gone above and beyond accepting my kids and has helped them way more than what is "required."  She answers my questions almost immediately and always expresses any concerns directly to me right away.

Sooooo I'd REALLY like to get her a special gift for the end of the year.  Do I have any teacher readers that can tell me what would just light up a teacher's world?  

Sunday, March 16, 2014


There are times that I want to throw in the towel because I have to fight so hard to get my kids what they need.  I'm the first person in their entire lives to fight for them and that means that sometimes they need a lot more than a typical child would.  

When everything seems to be falling apart, nothing goes like I planned it, and all I run into are walls of people who don't care or understand, I look at this picture and remind myself that we already did the impossible.  

Friday, March 14, 2014

When Did I Get Old Enough...

We got D a small 4-wheeler to ride around our yard.  He is a terrible driver so we make him keep it in first gear and ALWAYS wear a helmet.  This evening he kept pulling up next to me, "Mom you hoch siday soodah (want to sit down here)?  I kept saying "No no no."  And kept begging, "Mom pleeeeeeease you siday wif me? Me go malinkee (I'll go slow).  Finally I sat on the back of his 4-wheeler with him.  As we were riding through the little paths they have in the woods it struck me that only 10 years ago, I was riding on the back of a 4-wheeler with my boyfriend (now husband).  When the heck did I get old enough to have a kid big enough to ride me around!?

(I turned 29 this week)

He was very careful not to drive me through any mud or hit potholes.  Then he ran into the dog in the driveway.  (I told you he was a terrible driver.)

Don't worry the dog was fine.  It was running while looking backwards at another kid riding on a bike.  D and Snickers literally ran into each other.  Snickers is a Border Collie and likes to "herd" the kids as they ride or drive in the yard.  He's not great at herding more than one at a time though.

But seriously, my kid is gonna be 12 this year.  


That's what my license plate reads on the suburban we bought before we travelled to adopt the boys...

Before we realized that we were only going to be coming home with 3 boys, not 4 like we had planned, making our total 6 kids

not 7.

Its hurt my heart every time I look at it.  There are supposed to be 7.  

I just hadn't had the time or really been able to go online and order new plates.  I'd say I was going to and then I just couldn't.

The registration came yesterday.  I guess its finally time to change it to something else.

Does anyone have ideas?  I was so tickled with how cute YEP 7 looked.  I'm ready to just toss the vanity plates and get standard issue random plates because I am feeling so uninspired right now.  


I've had several people email me asking why I blocked them on Facebook.  I didn't.  I deactivated my account.  I'm having a very difficult time with my kids' school doing what they are supposed to do for my new boys, M's project (Past, Present, Future) sent her into a tailspin which sent ME into a tailspin because it just breaks my heart.  I have NOTHING good to say about our Social Security issues.  I want to shout from the rooftop what a disgrace it is!

I have really not much good to say about my kids' school at all.  On top of the things they are supposed to be doing that they are NOT, they sent home yet another huge fundraiser that requires kids to sell certain numbers of items to earn prizes.  I have FIVE kids at the same school.  One has cerebral palsy and 3 don't speak English.  I cannot sell 100s of items so each kid gets the same level of prizes.  I mean... a bounce house and a game truck, really!?  You are going to tell my kids no because they didn't sell enough items??    There is time to organize that, yet not time to get my kid a translator (THAT I SET UP) or start speech services?  Yet now he's missing out on prizes?  Really??  I was up in the office yesterday because I am SO.VERY.DONE.

I am so frustrated at so many things right now that its really better if I am not on Facebook because it tends to be my only outlet of people (other than my husband) who care.  Oversharing your private life's struggles on social media isn't always a good decision though because many don't understand what I'm so upset about, so I deactivated until we get some things taken care of.

What I am SUPPOSED to be doing is setting up insurance approval and travel accommodations for M's out of state surgery next month.  I'm also supposed to be doing homeschool with Wy.  Then of course I am mom to 6.  There is laundry, shopping, cleaning, and the never ending slew of the hundreds of papers that come home from school with all those kiddos each week.  That's what I'm supposed to be doing.  That's my job.  The other stuff was someone else's job that they didn't do or think through.

That's just the tip of the iceberg.

So, its just me trying not to rant about all of our issues.  I just need some time to get them taken care of without letting the whole world know.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Today was

This was a day when I worried more about 10 years from now when my children are older, and what they will think of how I stuck up for them instead of what everyone else staring at me and talking about me behind my back thinks today.

Everyone deserves a mom who says screw what the rest of the world thinks, kiddo.  
I'm doing what's best for you.

To quote my favorite line from Frozen

"I don't care what they're going to say."

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Farce of the Accuracy for Adoptees Act

When we were in Kyiv, one of the things we had to do was apply for visas for our boys at the U.S. Embassy.  There is a form called the DS-260 that we filled out.  We checked the box on it saying we wanted our boys issued social security numbers automatically upon their entry into the U.S.

Once a child with an IR3 visa lands in the U.S. they are U.S. Citizens at that very moment.  A Certificate of Citizenship is issued within 4-12 weeks of arrival making it "official" but my children were U.S. citizens on November 14, 2013 as our plane landed at Dulles Int. airport.

We were told to wait for the SS cards and Certificate of Citizenship.  Three years ago, M's took 4 weeks.  After waiting for 12 weeks, we sent an email to the Dept of Homeland Security asking our our boys' COCs.  We basically got an "oops they're on their way" and received them the following week.  I sent a follow up email asking about SS #s and got no response.

We contacted Eric Cantor's office (he's our rep) at the beginning of February.  On February 10th, a woman by the name of Ms. Barney called asking if we still needed assistance.  At the time I had contacted them, we didn't have the COCs AND we could not get in touch with anyone at the SS office about whether or not our boys were being processed since we had filled out the form.  We wanted someone to just find out if they were being issued numbers.  Ms. Barney did not have a freaking clue.  She tried to tell me that we couldn't have applied for socials at the embassy.  "You have to go do that at the local office."  No ma'am actually we DID indeed apply at our embassy in Ukraine.  I filled the form out.  She tried to argue with me that the Certificates of Citizenship would not be mailed to us automatically.  She said we had to apply for them in person with our kids.  Fortunately, that afternoon, literally an hour before she called me, we had received all 3 of them in the mail.  I was trying not to be snotty (sort of) and explained that we just received the COCs but still needed SSNs.  She then said, "Well, do you want us to help you or not?"  Well, yes I did want someone to help us figure out what was going on.  She emailed us a privacy release form and we sent it back that night.

A man by the name of Mr. Lenhart was supposed to be looking into this for us.  After 2 weeks of nothing, I emailed him on February 18th, and asked if he had all the info he needed from us or could I provide something more?  He said he had all he needed and was looking into it.  On February 27th, he emailed us saying,
"I received the following response from the SSA office in Charlottesville.  I called the office and asked for additional information.  I wanted to make sure that they knew that you requested the SS cards when applying for the visa’s.
He did state that they could have SS numbers in process from what he called “numeration at entry”.  But he could not see any numbers in the system.

If you go to the Charlottesville office with the documents requested then they can complete the process and they issue your son’s SS cards usually within 2 weeks."  

It took a super long time to be rather unhelpful.  We did apply at the Embassy so we had hoped they could look into finding the forms, but whatever...  So on February 28th, my husband went with the COCs, the visas, the birth certificates, the court decree.

The office in Charlottesville, VA refused to issue our boys social security numbers and cited the newly passed (January 14, 2014) Accuracy for Adoptees Act.  The administrator Mr. Rogers, said that the Department of Homeland Security had to let them know which documents to accept to issue foreign born children social security numbers.  Let me be clear, its NOT that we don't have the right documents.  We have ALL of the right documents.  Its that the office doesn't know which ones to accept.

We immediately emailed Mr. Lenhart about this because after all, he TOLD US to go apply.  He emailed back saying,

"Mr. Rogers with the SSA office in Charlottesville just contacted me to make me aware of this law. 
I will check with my coworker who works with the Department of Homeland Security to determine the next course of action."

UM.... the House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor is NOT AWARE OF LEGISLATION THAT HE HELPED PASS!?  I was immediately furious.  He dinked around for weeks not even bothering to check on this for us, THEN sent us to apply without knowing about the law that was passed PREVENTING OUR BOYS from being issued social security numbers.  I sent a rather scathing email back suggesting he ask Eric Cantor exactly how to interpret the law since he was responsible for helping pass it.  I have heard absolutely NOTHING back since then.  Nothing.

We've called the social security office administrator for our local office in Charlottesville (Mr. Rogers) and he says his hands are tied.  He said there are now others also waiting, but he can do nothing.  It doesn't matter that we filed for social security numbers months prior to this law being passed.  Someone dropped the ball and didn't process the paperwork correctly, but my kids are the ones being screwed.

We cannot file taxes.
Our health insurance wants our boys social security numbers.
We cannot get them state issued birth certificates.

Let me be clear, THEY ARE CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and they are being denied social security numbers due to someone not being able to interpret a simple law.

This is the text of the law.  

Do you see social security numbers mentioned?

S. 1614
To require Certificates of Citizenship and other Federal documents to reflect name and date of birth determinations made by a State court and for other purposes.
Short title
This Act may be cited as the Accuracy for Adoptees Act.
Recognition of State court determinations of name and birth date
Section 320 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1431) is amended by adding at the end the following:

A Certificate of Citizenship or other Federal document issued or requested to be amended under this section shall reflect the child’s name and date of birth as indicated on a State court order, birth certificate, certificate of foreign birth, certificate of birth abroad, or similar State vital records document issued by the child’s State of residence in the United States after the child has been adopted or readopted in that State.
Speaker of the House of Representatives
Vice President of the United States and President of the Senate

This is a violation of basic citizen rights.  The government cannot deny my children social security numbers indefinitely.  Please share this post to spread awareness because it now affects ALL foreign born adopted children.

I believe that this law was passed to make things easier for adoptive families.  At least that is what I have been told, HOWEVER, it would mean that people would need to actually know how to interpret the law.  Things that should be thought of BEFORE its passed and affects children.  

This bill was introduced by Senator Amy Klobuchar.  I do not think this was her intent when she introduced this bill.  

We spent 7 months in the U.S. doing paperwork and compiling a dossier.
We spent 45 days in Ukraine doing everything by the book.
We have done everything required by law. 

the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, esp. on the grounds of race, age, or sex.

What we are experiencing IS discrimination.

Monday, March 10, 2014

That Project

M brought home a project today.
Its the one that adoptive parents dread.
The one asking for baby pictures and cute excerpts from your child's infant and toddler life.

Only my child doesn't have pictures of infanthood. 
I don't know what she liked as a baby.

These kinds of projects are so painful because of what they bring up about a child's past.

WHY don't I have baby pictures?  WHY weren't you there?  WHY did my tummy mom leave me? 

I gave her the option of not doing it at all (she was scared she'd be in trouble with her teacher if she did not do it), skipping school on project day OR modifying it.

Skipping school to her is not an option, so she chose modifying it.   

This is what we decided on.

I'm proud of her.  I was nearly in tears because its JUST NOT OKAY to make a Kindergarten student feel singled out because they don't have baby pictures or toddler pictures.  So.much.trauma. can be involved in those memories of what life was before they had a forever family.  I was so worried we'd go down the "But why didn't my tummy mom keep me?" road again.  And I... just  :(


She embraced this with such enthusiasm.
"YES!  I want to be in God's hands!"

We witness a miracle every time a child enters into life; but those who make their journey home across time and miles, growing within the hearts of those who wait to love them,are carried on the wings of destiny; and placed among us by God's very own hands. --Kristi Larson