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Monday, March 31, 2014

My ELL students have an IEP (Involved Educated Parent)

How are ESOL Students Served in MCPS’ ESOL Program? 
Required Service Minutes 
Each ESOL student is assigned a minimum number of minutes for ESOL service according to grade level and proficiency level. The following chart outlines the required minutes of direct ESOL services a student must receive. Direct services are defined as an ESOL teacher providing direct ESOL instruction to ESOL students. This can be done in several types of ESOL program models (defined in section 4) such as a newcomer class, pull out, or content mainstreaming. Additional interventions, such as PALS, Title I, and in some cases Read 180, DO NOT count as direct services and MAY NOT be counted towards the minimum minute requirement. Minimum service minutes must be recorded on the caseload roster. Students who have refused ESOL services or opted out are indicated on the caseload by a state service code of 2. These students (levels 1-5) do not have required minutes of service on the caseload document. Grade Level Cluster 
Level 1 
Level 2 
Level 3 
Level 4 
Level 5 
150 min/wk 
150 min/wk 
150 min/wk 
150 min/wk 
150 min/wk 
Grades 1-4 
225 min/wk 
200 min/wk 
200 min/wk 
200 min/wk 
150 min/wk 
Grades 5-8 
300 min/wk 
225 min/wk 
200 min/wk 
200 min/wk 
150 min/wk 
Grades 9-12 
300 min/wk 
225 min/wk 
200 min/wk 
200 min/wk 
150 min/wk 

That's what a neighboring school district provides their ESL students.  Its actually less than another neighboring district that agreed to a lawsuit settlement with the Department of Justice.  They have to give Level 1 ESL students 4.5 hours/day of direct ESL services.

Want to guess what my kids are getting?

I was told they would get 30 minutes once a week.  "Its what the other ESL kids get."

My kids assessed at LEP Level 1. (The lowest level)  They are in 1st, 2nd, and 4th grade.  By this chart, they should each be getting 225 minutes/week of direct ESL instruction.  That does NOT count Title I or PALS, or Read Well intervention programs.

I thought 30 minutes a day was an absolute joke for kids who can't speak or read English.
Thirty minutes a WEEK is a crying shame that the school district should be ashamed of.
YES, SCHOOL DISTRICT, you should be crying in shame!

But it gets better.  The ESL teacher evidently hasn't even been giving my kids that 30 minutes.  Yes, many weeks she has just skipped their school completely.  The icing on the cake is that I wasn't told.  The cherry on top of the icing is that even when I found out, and requested records of WHEN she did actually see my kids, I didn't receive them.

I have goals.  I was made promises.  

I found out.  I raised hell.

Evidently I didn't raise ENOUGH hell because this past Friday, the ESL teacher skipped out on my kids.again.

So, the real question to be asked here is "What will make them pay attention?"  $$$$?

Its about to get real.

I didn't spend over a year of my life doing everything I could to travel around the world and make these three precious kids MINE so that the school district could pretend their language issues, special needs, and educational delays don't exist.  Sorry guys, you're screwing with the wrong mama,

 and its game on.


Cindy said...

Time to bring your State Senator in on the action, I think.

sasass said...

Fight... and don't stop. I work in Milwaukee where 95% of my school is Latino and over half my students receive ESL. If they need it they are LEGALLY bound to give it. And seriously... skipping out of LEGALLY mandated IEP time? At my school we are terrified of not having all of our IEP times met.

Emily said...

GO GET 'EM! Yes, for your kids. But also for every other kid who has been or will be promised these services. My prayers are with you.

Mom to Mine said...

sasass, the school has refused to put ESL into an IEP. I am fighting it because as of right now its NOT legally mandated which makes it easy for the ESL teacher to just not show up. No one even knew she wasn't coming. They have been trying to say they can't tell if my kids' delays are due to previous environment (where they went to public school) or language barrier. E has a severe speech problem so he finally got a speech IEP, but they refused to put any non-speech goals in it. Nada. Nothing.

SammE said...

You go, Mama! I have faith that you'll advocate, fight and yell for your children to receive what they deserve. Go! Go! Go! I'm rooting for you and for them. samm

AZ Chapman said...

wow this sucks hope u fixed this already

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