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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sensory Seeker

This is E at tutoring.  He love love loves the salt table.  

E is a sensory seeker.  Sometimes it looks like he's just being silly or acting out, when its really a sensory issue.  He was rubbing his face in this salt to get that extra input he craves.  His ST says he's not really aware of his mouth and tongue muscles.  Rubbing grainy textures on his face feels good to his brain and sends signals that he's otherwise not getting.

The low tone, chewing,  and speech issues he has are all part of this. We suspect its from early deprivation.  No one spent much time helping him eat or talking to him as a baby/toddler, so he wasn't aware of his mouth and how it worked properly. (one theory)  He has a chewy tube and vibrating wand from his ST as well to help fill his sensory craving and strengthen his mouth.  

Sometimes he appears to be acting silly when its really a sensory issues.  Thankfully his tutor recognized this right away!  School still has yet to do complete evals, and I sort of suspect some form of sensory processing issue or auditory processing issue.  He really benefits from hands on learning because he craves sensory input.  I am having a tutor who understands how he learns work with him a few times a week. I'm actually pulling him out of school during this time because school is dragging their feet on every.blessed.thing. and while I have spent countless hours researching laws, my kids need help now.  

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Emily said...

I have a couple of sensory seekers, though not so much oral. My Lexi (6) loves any texture experiences we can give her. Her VERY FAVORITE THING is our huge bucket of beans. I have a rubbermaid tub of all sorts of dry beans. I've put all sorts of small toys and measuring cups in the tub. She loves to sit in the tote and bury body parts in the beans, dig, dump the beans from cup to cup, and find all the treasures. I put the tote on top of a big tablecloth to make clean-up easy. Best thing ever!

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