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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Don't act stupid

After sitting in an IEP meeting yesterday and hearing all the things that M "can't" do that she actually can do, I pretty much read her the riot act last night.  I was even worried I might have been a little too harsh with her, but ya know what?  The real word IS harsh.  Not everyone is going to sit around begging you to make a better choice or reminding you 343823843 times to pay attention and do your job.  So I explained that to her.  If you act stupid, people actually do assume that you really are.  "At some point it will quit getting you attention and people will just assume you cannot do things, so they will not let you do things."  She seemed like she "got" what I was saying.  I don't sugar coat the world for her.  I don't feel she'll ever grow up to be successful if I baby her.  She's at a disadvantage to start with because people see her walk and assume right away that she is cognitively impaired and she is NOT.

So she got on the bus this morning and was all like, "Today I am going to do my work without anybody telling me a whole bunch of times!"  She came home this afternoon, "Oh mom I did my writing all by myself today and got on blue!  I wrote 'I like my dog because he is nice!' I sounded it all out myself and I even wrote my name with small letters!"  She has not been on blue even once this year, let alone for exceptional effort.  Just the fact that she knew she should be writing her name smaller, and knew that doing so indicated better effort on her part shows the higher level of thinking she does to sort out what gets her extra attention.  ARGH.  This child...  When she decides what she *does* want to do, she's gonna set the world on its head in shock.

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Speechless said...

Ha! Our first annual IEP meeting was similar...we sat and listened to them tell us about all of the things that K couldn't do that he had been doing at home independently. He couldn't hold scissors correctly, but miraculously was cutting shapes out at home...couldn't hold a crayon, but was writing his name. ::sigh:: Even now, two years later, his hand writing is TERRIBLE on everything that he does at school unless he is bribed or threatened. Hopefully self-motivation comes with maturity!

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