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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Catching Up

Since I'm on vacation, I am looking back at the photos in my phone and realizing that I didn't blog about half of our summer!  I've been so busy that I just didn't have the time.  Now the photos have been downloaded to the computer and I will be updating my blog this week.

During the summer, we signed the kids up to try karate.

All of them except for W wanted to participate.
M surprised us by loving it and the Sensei was so great with her.

D and Wy both showed remarkable effort.

They earned white belts (almost yellow now) and are continuing with lessons.

They are very proud of themselves!
The Sensei is very impressed with Wy because he's so little, but so talented.

I decided to learn something new this summer as well.

I bought clippers and scissors to cut the kids' hair myself.

I watched Youtube videos on how to cut hair, and realized that I can do this.

So far I've saved us $150 in haircuts.

I even cut M's hair.  
I was nervous, but its better than some I've paid for.

V asked me to use the clippers to shave a lion in the side of his head.
I love his enthusiasm and deep trust of my budding skills, but no.  
V got this haircut.  
I watched a 15 minute tutorial on youtube first.

D said it was great, but he didn't want something so short.
V has some scars on the back of his head that make it look like I slipped, but its just his lumpy head!

D likes his hair longer and I am doing my best to keep girls his age far, far away because it hit me like a ton of bricks that I was just ONE YEAR OLDER than he is right now when I met Phillip. 

I cut Phillip's hair as well, but he doesn't "do" pictures so you'll have to believe me that his turned out great.

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