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Thursday, September 11, 2014

I have a problem

I am a very organized person.  I'm a rule follower.  A list checker.  An overachiever.  I don't want to just do something, I want to do it well.

I have ridiculous attention to detail, almost to the point of making myself a little crazy.  It must be spelled correctly.   It has to match.  It has to be geometrically symmetrical.  It has to be clean.  It has to be organized.  Everything has a place and it needs to be in it.
There must be order.  I even color coded the boys' shirt closet, but they didn't appreciate it and ruined the rainbow.  Now they hang up their own shirts.

I don't give my word easily.  If I will not or cannot do something, I will not ever say I will do it.  If I say I will do something, I will.  I will do it when I said that I would do it, and I will do it even if its extremely inconvenient to me.  The reason I do this is that I feel its a lie to give your word casually and then never follow through and I absolutely abhor lies.  (Just ask my kids)

All of these are good traits that have served me very well.

But... I don't play well with others who I feel aren't as motivated or as organized or as trustworthy as I am.  I expect people to think the same way I do and put the same amount of effort into things that I do, and I can't wrap my mind around those who don't.  And... ahem, well, I keep running into a massive amount of unmotivated, non-caring people.  Like do you realize how many people just do.not.care. about anything other than clocking out?  

I am not entirely certain what to do about this problem.
I think I will keep raising awareness.

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