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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Pray for Ukraine

Its hard to enjoy vacation with the news stories coming out of Ukraine right now.

An entire village in Luhansk, razed to the ground by Russian forces.  An adoptive mama friend of mine was just in that very village in December last year, getting her child's birth certificate.

An entire hospital full of wounded soldiers and the doctors and nurses all killed by Russians.

Our hosting organization hosts kids from Eastern Ukraine and many of them have been evacuated, but some have not.  Some are still stuck in Crimea, unable to be adopted because Russia has cut it off from the rest of Ukraine and in Russia, adoptions are banned.

The residents of Mariupol are digging trenches and quoting Churchill, "We will fight on the beaches."

Donetsk and Luhansk orphans have had to endure shelling.  The photos of them in the bomb shelters is heartbreaking.

Putin says he can take Kyiv in two days if he wants to.

Russia is hauling thousands of their dead soldiers back to Russia, saying they died in "training" exercises while Putin threatens to cut the gas off to all of Ukraine for winter, essentially freezing an entire country. Those who are most vulnerable (orphans) will be the first to suffer.

There are photos of wounded Ukrainian soldiers waiting for flights to Germany for medical treatment out of Terminal F in Kyiv-Borispol airport.  That's the terminal we flew out of with our boys just 9 months ago.  The very same place.  It is surreal and makes me sick to my stomach.  I stood there.

The consensus seems to be that everyone is going to let Ukraine fight the battle for Europe alone.  The Budapest Memorandum that Clinton signed, promising to protect the territorial sovereignty of Ukraine in exchange for them giving up their nukes, was evidently worth less than the paper it was printed on.  What a sad time it is to be an American who still believes in keeping our word and standing up for liberty, freedom, and justice around the globe.

My boys are asking me if their grandma is going to die.  I try to keep the news off, but its everywhere.  And what can I say?  Will America help?  I don't know.  This part is so heartbreaking for me because I have four brothers in the Army.  I know better than most what "help" means, but I truly feel we have a choice between dishonor and war.  Like Churchill said, "You have chosen dishonor. You will have war."  My feeling is that we should choose the border to end this war (make no mistake - it is war) at while the choice is ours.

Ukrainians stood on Maidan in below freezing temperatures, they defended their freedom with constant prayers, singing, and speeches.  They fought off bullets, water cannons, and tear gas with maltov cocktails and street pavers.  They demanded the right to own their future and they won.  That flame will not be one easily put out.

Ukraine has not yet perished.  May her enemies once again vanish like dew in the sun.

And this video of people standing on Maidan was taken in the same place I have stood.

This is an extremely informative video of the horrific losses Ukraine has endured during the World Wars.  Well worth the watch to understand WHY what is happening today is SO important.

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